November 2017 Newsletter Out Now!

Our November 2017 Newsletter is now available to read.

november newsletter 124pxIn this month’s OrderWise newsletter, we celebrate even more award success as OrderWise is named Midlands Family Business Of The Year 2017! We also highlight valuable new functionality that now allows you to include replenishment quantities when placing stock in the OrderWise Replenishment Stock Module introduced for version 12.11, as well as beneficial new features in the Despatch Module further increasing flexibility in your processes. Additionally, we look at the 23 exciting new alerts and queries introduced this month to the BI Alerts module.

As well as all this, we focus on the increasing ‘Black November’ trend in the world of seasonal sales, plus we introduce the 5 new faces that have joined OrderWise this month.

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The new developments featured in this month’s newsletter are:


From Alert To Action: Uncover The Power of BI Alerts With These New Additions – With OrderWise BI Alerts, businesses are already able to automatically notify staff of the key concerns in their sales data that requires action in order to protect profitability, whether working in-system or on-the-move. Now this month sees 23 additional alerts and queries added to this highly useful module for even greater customer insight.

Streamline Warehouse Operations By Replenishing Pick Faces When Putting Away –  In order to maximise warehouse productivity, it is important for businesses to keep their convenient stock locations and pick faces regularly topped up with stock. Now promoting even greater staff efficiency, this month sees the ability for users to now perform stock replenishment as part of the goods in put away process.

Benefit From Even Greater Flexibility When Assigning Orders To Picks – The most effective way of despatching orders is known to vary from business to business, however depending on the size of the items and the volume of lines, the fastest method of fulfilment can also vary from order to order too. Therefore this month sees the introduction of a new feature to offer businesses using OrderWise the ability to assign picks by type.

Effective Handling Of Partially Received Purchase Orders With New Clear Down Functionality – With supply chain issues and discontinued lines, it can sometimes be a case where suppliers are unable to deliver the full quantity of ordered stock. To effectively manage these partially received orders, a new feature has been added this month to allow users to clear down purchase orders to keep on top of their records.


The Very Latest Staff & Company News:

OrderWise Are The 2017 Family Business Of The Year! – We are still stunned and completely over the moon with this month’s success at the Midlands Family Business Awards having been named as the 2017 Family Business of the Year! The night was a fantastic celebration of some truly wonderful businesses and it was an honour to be recognised for our achievements.

Black Friday Has Become Black November – Can Businesses Still Cope With The Sales Demand? – Since becoming a staple part of the festive season in recent years, retailers have been searching for ways to alleviate the strain Black Friday puts on their despatch operations. As a result there has been a slow move over to “Black November” so that orders are taken over a monthly period rather than a single day, however what else can businesses do in order to make the discount-giving exercise as profitable as possible? We investigate in this month’s feature article.

Five More Recruits Join The OrderWise Team – Continuing the trend of an ever-growing OrderWise team, this month sees five new staff join the business across a variety of departments. We wish them all the best as they embark on their new careers here at OrderWise.