New Returns Module Feature Helps Mitigate Money Laundering

Returns thumbOne of the major new additions to OrderWise this year, the Returns module has already proved to be immensely popular amongst our customers, providing users with structured management over both customer and supplier returns processes. Tailored to meet the requirements of the business, this module enables companies to ensure high customer service levels are always maintained, costs are minimised and relevant credits, debits, stock adjustments, repairs, replacements or write offs are handled in an accurate, streamlined and efficient manner.

Since the initial release in April, the OrderWise Returns module has seen a number of new enhancements including the ability to mark customer returns as fully received, ensure correct transactions are used when handling supplier returns, manage customer returns collection and produce customer returns labels. Version 9.12 of OrderWise rounds off the inaugural year for the Returns module with another two useful features being added, just in time for all those unwanted gifts being returned after Christmas!

12861 - Refund with same payment methodRefund Return Using Original Payment Method

Whether it is returning an ill-fitting item of clothing, a duplicated birthday present for a friend or family member (we’ve all been there!) or indeed an unwanted Christmas gift, when receiving a refund I’m sure we have all been asked the same question: “Do you have the card you originally paid with?”

As companies are required to mitigate money laundering and card fraud, many of them will follow best practice procedures, one common example being only refunding using the same method of payment. Operating in this manner also ensures excellent service is provided, with any card transaction fees that may have been paid also refunded.

To help OrderWise Returns users to carry out this best practice, a new screen has now been added in version 9.12 of OrderWise to enable users to select the right payment method. When processing a refund linked to the original order, upon processing the refund OrderWise will display the payment methods used on the original linked sales order. The user can then simply select the correct payment method and amount to refund.

12086 - Remove Previously Sold with Linked ReturnPreviously Sold Reduced With Linked Return

Previoulsy, when an item was refunded or credited using OrderWise Returns it would still appear in a customer’s previously sold history. Although many businesses will take the view that as it was sold in the first place, this represents a true reflection of their purchase history, others may take the view that as the item was refunded then it was not actually what the customer wanted.

To further allow the Returns module to be tailored to individual business requirements, a new setting has been added in version 9.12 of OrderWise to provide users with the flexibility to decide how refunds affect a customer’s previously sold history. This setting can be found within Returns system settings and gives users the option to reduce previously sold records when issuing a linked credit/refund.

With these new additions businesses using OrderWise Returns are further able to ensure tailored, structured management over returns processes is achieved, allowing them to enter the busy January returns period with the confidence that the correct procedures are already in place.

For more information about OrderWise Returns watch our video or download the brochure.

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