New Mobile Warehouse Management Device unveiled

OrderWise WMS DevicesOrderWise WMS Device 1We never stand still here at OrderWise, constantly enhancing, improving and adding beneficial new features and functionality to all areas of our software.  In excess of £500,000 a year is invested in development and testing to ensure our users have the best for their business, both in functionality, efficiency, stability and technology.

This drive to constantly deliver a market leading business solution does not just stop with the software, our team are also keeping a keen eye on hardware improvements to ensure we can offer customers the best combination of cutting edge software and hardware for their operations.  Our Mobile Warehouse Management Devices are the perfect example of our exceptional software functionality combining with cutting edge,  rugged hardware to create a market leading wireless and bar code scanning warehouse management tool.

OrderWise WMS Device 2With so many new features and functionality added to our Mobile Warehouse Management Devices over the past 6 months Read Here >> , this month sees us now upgrade the device itself to a newer model that offers amongst other benefits an alphanumeric keypad in addition to the standard touch screen functionality.  With the vast majority of data input tasks on these devices centred around entering or confirming a quantity, the keypad provides a simpler and faster method of input without any loss of screen size or increase in the overall size of the device.

In addition, the accessories and batteries for our latest Mobile Warehouse Management Devices are the same as the model they replace meaning full compatibility should customers add to their existing devices.

For more information on the OrderWise Mobile Warehouse Management Devices, download the brochure or watch our videos.

Existing users can find out more on the OrderWise Shop

To discuss your requirements in details contact us today on 01522 704083

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