New Feature To Track Purchase Order Editing

OrderWise Purchasing ModuleWhen purchasing goods from suppliers, businesses are entrusting staff to order new stock to meet sales order demand, increase dwindling stock levels for items or possibly both, with budgets often in place for expenditure. With staff granted the responsibility of spending company money to order the required stock, it is important for businesses to be able to clearly see when a new purchase order has been raised and by whom it was raised.

Often it can be the case where so many modifications and updates have been made to a purchase order that businesses can struggle to track any staff members overspending, where errors in purchase orders have originally occurred or if the supplier has the correct revision of a purchase order. In order for companies to successfully screen staff purchasing activity, businesses should ensure that they are able to easily view and access the information regarding which employee has raised or edited a purchase order.

Purchase Order Input ByAmended ByBenefit From Purchasing Order Creation & Amendment Tracing

OrderWise already provides users with the ability to view all purchase activity as well as all purchase order history. Now new functionality has been added to the OrderWise Purchasing Module in version 9.9, with greater visibility as to how the order was created and when it was last edited. From within a purchase order, new fields have been added to the order details tab so users are able to see when a purchase order was created, who it was that created order as well as when it was last amended and who it was that made the amendment. This information can be viewed within the input on, input by, last amended on and last amended by fields. Users can also bring these fields through to the purchase activity grid, supplier purchase order history grid and report designer.

With this great new feature, businesses using OrderWise Purchasing are provided with clear traceability as to the origin of purchase order creation and any changes made to that order. This in turn provides companies with clear visibility of information so that staff spending can be carefully monitored and mistakes found on purchase orders can be quickly traced.

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