New Feature To See Where A Price List Discount Has Originated

OrderWise Sales ModuleWith many businesses now trading through both on and offline channels, it is not uncommon for companies to implement multiple price lists with different prices and offers marketed to different customers. However with various ways of setting up and applying these price lists, it is important for businesses to have an effective management tool in place to tackle the challenges brought about by having numerous price lists active at once.

With customers often attached to multiple price lists and seasonal/promotional price lists also coming in and out of effect at certain times, it can be almost impossible to know from which price list a discount is being applied. This can start to cause problems across a number of different areas of the business, with staff potentially unable to determine why prices seem incorrect or answer any customer queries regarding discount reasons without further investigation. In addition to this, staff may be required to complete final checks on discounts before creating customer invoices, a task they will not be able to perform effectively if information regarding the price list is not easily available. Therefore it is important for businesses to provide staff with all relevant information regarding where a discount is being pulled from to ensure staff can adequately perform checks on the accuracy of sales orders and invoices.

11606 - Price list name in discount from fieldGreater Visibility Of Information With New Discount From Price List Field

Existing functionality in OrderWise already allows users to pull through a discount from field into the sales order lines and generate invoice lines grids, enabling staff to use the price discount key to determine how the customer discount is being generated such as from a price list or quantity break etc. However in cases where customers are attached to multiple price lists, a new enhancement has been added to OrderWise in version 9.9 that provides users with better visibility as to which price list has been used to apply a discount. This ability has been facilitated by a new discount from price list field that can be pulled through to both the sales order lines and generate invoice lines grids.

With the addition of this new field, OrderWise users are now instantly able to see which price list is being used when building a sales order or generating an invoice, ensuring necessary checks and any subsequent corrections can be made prior to finalisation. From this businesses can ensure accuracy is maintained and effective management over price lists achieved.

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