New Feature To Manage Customer Returns Collections

ReturnsAll businesses will strive to keep on top of returns processes in order to reduce the costs incurred and help minimise the negative impact the return of goods has on the business. In traditional retail and trade counter environments, customers will often just simply return their unwanted or faulty items to the original place of purchase for a refund, exchange or credit note. However for online traders and businesses delivering items to customers, the returns process isn’t quite as straight forward with some goods often required to be either posted back or collected.

In the case of customer return collections, it is especially important for businesses to ensure the process is handled in a structured and cost effective manner as the company will already be paying for either their own transportation or couriers to collect the items. With businesses reliant on their drivers returning the items correctly, it is important the information provided to them regarding collection details are as accurate as possible.

Companies will also need to attach all relevant instructions regarding how the item should be returned, for example how many parts should be included, the stated condition of the product, whether it needs to be returned in its original packaging, etc. By ensuring that this information is correctly transferred over to the appropriate drivers, businesses collecting customer returns are able to eliminate the chance of any processing errors being entered, invalid addresses getting used,  mistakes being made and the additional costs incurred by these as a result.

11106 - Returns Collections - Linked ReturnAchieve Organised Collection Of Customer Returns

Users can already obtain flexible, tailored and organised handling over returns through the OrderWise Returns Module. Now In version 9.9 of OrderWise, new functionality has been added to this module to enable the handling of customer returns collections. This has been facilitated by the introduction of a new field on the customer return form header that stores the return collection address details. When a linked return is being processed, this field will display the delivery address on the linked sales order. On unlinked returns, the customer’s default delivery address is used. In the case of either a linked or unlinked return, a user also has the ability to choose a different address from a list of the customer’s existing delivery addresses using the quick search button or the drop down list.

11106 - Returns Collections - Collection NoteEdit Collection Address Details & Output Collection Notes

Alternatively, an address can also be manually entered or edited from the collection address footer tab. From this tab users can also add special instructions for the collection. This could be used to instruct the driver collecting the items that they check the item is returned in its original box, all parts are included and other instructions of that nature. Users then have the option to output a collection note with details of the return.

With this great new feature, the functionality available with the OrderWise Returns module is further enhanced, with online traders and companies using their own vehicles for collection/delivery now provided with a structured method of managing the collection of goods being returned.

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