New Feature To Batch Edit Sales Order Lines

OrderWise Sales ModuleIt is not uncommon that businesses may have to change certain aspects of a sales order once it has been raised, either through customer request or supply limitations. Although for some companies updating this information can be quite a straightforward process, others require extra care and consideration. Businesses operating out of numerous stock locations, dealing with high volumes of orders carrying multiple lines of items or holding multiple orders from the same customer, effectively managing, updating and keeping track of sales activity can be quite a challenge.

Situations can often occur where purchase orders are delayed, items discontinued or suppliers unable to meet sales order demand. Aside from these supply issues and stock unavailability, a customer may simply ask to cancel or change the quantity of an item they have ordered on multiple orders. This results in a time consuming process where businesses have to go back through sales orders and update or cancel all those affected following conversations with the relevant customers.

8612 - User Group SettingOne-View Visibility Of All Outstanding Sales Orders

Depending on the situation and the customer’s preferred resolution, the actions required to correct the orders can greatly vary and often it is a case where multiple order details will require updating, further complicating the process and the likelihood of sales order errors occurring. Existing capabilities in the OrderWise Sales module already permits users to mass edit sales order lines on an existing sales order, with clear visibility of sales order history and activity within the relevant screens. However this functionality has now been further extended with the introduction of a new treeview node added in Version 9.8 of OrderWise to allow sales order lines across multiple orders to be edited en masse.

In addition to this core purpose, the new batch edit sales order lines node also provides businesses using OrderWise with a useful one window view of all outstanding sales orders and their essential details. This includes margin and item net/gross figures so managers and supervisors can easily compare profitability of an item across multiple sales orders.

8612 - Batch Edit SO Line ScreenQuickly & Easily Edit Multiple Sales Order Lines

This fantastic new treeview node can be easily activated by initialising the sales user group setting titled batch edit sales order lines. This will allow access to the batch sales order grid within the Sales module where users can filter order lines based on a date range, stock location or customer. Once filtered, users can then batch edit fields including quantity required, stock location, order line analysis, required/promised dates and item net/gross.

Order lines can also be deleted from within this grid with deletion of the last line on an order resulting in the sales order being cancelled. Upon completion of the edit, a summary of how many orders were edited/cancelled will be displayed and an auditable record created.

With the addition of this fantastic new functionality, businesses using OrderWise can quickly and painlessly view all their outstanding sales orders with the ability to efficiently edit a wide variety of information across multiple sales orders when required. This ensures that staff can easily keep on top of sales activity and effectively manage changing circumstances and requirements through organised sales order update management.

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