New Despatch Goods In Module Added To Mobile WMS Devices

OrderWise WMS DevicesFinding the best and most efficient way to manage stock ordered on the back of demand can be a challenge for many businesses. In some cases goods may be quickly turned around simply being received into stock to then be sent straight back out to the customer. In other instances goods may need to be put to one side as additional items are required from other supplier deliveries prior to the customer’s order being shipped. Even in these situations orders will often still be quickly turned around and fulfilled.

Often when processing these fast turnaround orders, businesses will fall into the trap of excessively handling stock. Goods will be booked in to stock and put away only to end up being picked again ready for despatch. For goods that are quickly turned around in this way or items that are ordered in on the back of sales order demand, businesses will find that it is much faster, more accurate and additionally cost effective to turn orders straight around at the point of goods receipt.

With businesses who frequently come across these circumstances in mind, a new Despatch Goods In module has been added to OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices in version 9.8. Once licensed, this module is easily enabled by activating the allow access to goods in despatch mobile device user group setting.

Simple & Effective Management Of Quick Order Turnaround

The other requirement within the main system is to configure a Turnaround Bin against the stock location where Despatch Goods In will be used. In practice, this could simply be an area on the floor where goods arrive, whereas in OrderWise this is more of a virtual location that stock flows through during the Despatch Goods In process.

10047 - HHT MenuOnce both the relevant user group setting and turnaround bin have been initialised, users can then access the Despatch Goods In module from the main menu on their Mobile WMS Device. When the module is selected, users simply scan an item and then either progress straight to the book in screen or firstly choose the relevant purchase order if the item features on multiple orders.

Once the quantity being booked in has then been confirmed on the following screen, if an order can be fulfilled with the stock received the user will be given instructions to despatch the goods. If there are multiple sales orders that can be fulfilled, the next sales order would be presented following despatch. Documents and labels would be output for the despatched orders using the user task service that was introduced in version 9.7, which you can read about HERE.

Following the despatch of orders, users will then be instructed to book any remaining balance of stock into a put away bin. Once this has been completed, the user will then return to the first screen to scan the next item and repeat the process.

10047 - Despatch GI - History Screen with Reprint Docs

Collect Multiple Orders & Reprint Documents

Following completion of despatch, if the same item is required as part of another order then the user will be instructed to place these into an amalgamation bin. Items will then continue to be booked into stock. If an item being booked in completes an order for stock held in an amalgamation bin, the user will be directed to the amalgamation bin where these items are located in order to complete the despatch process.

Also included as part of this new Despatch Goods In module is the option for users to click on the history tab to see any orders they have despatched that day, with the option to reprint any documentation or labels if required.

With the introduction of this fantastic new module, the benefits of using OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices to vastly increase warehouse efficiency and order turnaround is further extended, with businesses now able to quickly and accurately book in then despatch goods all in one motion.

For more information on how OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices can help businesses to effectively manage warehouse operations download our brochures or watch our videos.

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