Sell In Multiple Currencies With Ease Through OrderWise Commerce

websiteOnline sales is an integral part of trading for the majority of businesses throughout the UK & Ireland, with these web-based channels opening companies up to a global marketplace. However with this being the case, it means that businesses are now more than ever trading with customers in multiple different currencies. Although many businesses will still choose to sell their items through their website in their own base currency, in order to offer the best possible online sales experience to their web shop customers and promote repeat custom, companies know they should be looking to sell to each customer in their own currency.

However the problem is that without the right tools in place, catering for each customer’s preferred currency when handling web shop sales can be difficult. Although this is achievable by trading through numerous seller accounts on online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, when it comes to handling this through eCommerce platforms the functionality is needed to tailor the currency to each individual user account otherwise this is very much a manual process on an order-by-order basis. Not only that, but businesses also need to be able to accurately handle the back end management of these multi-currency orders, otherwise resulting mistakes in exchange rate conversion and invoice handling can easily be made.

CurrenciesBenefit From Automated Multi-Currency Trading With OrderWise Commerce Websites

With OrderWise Commerce Websites, businesses are already provided with all the tools they need for first-class trading with overseas customers. Just some of these features include full multi-currency support, multilingual content creation, landing pages to target specific international customers, location based shipping charges and more. For full details of the features and functionality available with the OrderWise Commerce platform, visit this page HERE.

Now extending this multi-currency support in version 11.5 of OrderWise, a brand new Customer Currency Synchronisation has now been added. This feature gives users the flexibility to have their OrderWise Commerce website work so that when a customer logs in, the cart defaults to displaying prices in that customer’s currency based on the information held within the main OrderWise system. The order is then imported in that same currency and the exchange rate automatically synchronised too through the Yahoo Finance tool.

With this great new addition, OrderWise Commerce users can further benefit from targeting a global online market and capitalising on these opportunities through an online shopping experience tailored to the needs of each of their customers. By processing online orders in each customer’s preferred currency in both a simple and accurate manner, businesses can provide their customers with the excellent service that ensures they come back to spend again.

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