Multi currency delivery methods enables greater market specific pricing

Multi CurrencyWith online sales channels making reaching an international audience easier than ever, more and more companies are looking overseas when it comes to expanding their business.  However there can be a lot to consider when selling overseas with the ability to manage multi currency transactions being a key area.

Mutli currency as standard

OrderWise provides multi currency capability as standard.  Sale prices can be automatically calculated from the base currency to a foreign currency using the exchange rate the user sets in the system, however overseas sales success often relies on a more market specific pricing approach.  With this in mind OrderWise also provides the ability to set separate prices for an item in as many currencies as required with no correlation between the exchange rate.  You may find that an item sold in the UK at £9.99 could be successfully sold at $19.99, much more beneficial than a simple exchange rate conversion.  Also you may be keen to avoid a situation where exchange rate conversion leads to an item being sold for $101.00 when $99.99 would result in far more sales.

Multi currency pricing that delivers!

This flexibility of being able to set pricing in foreign currency to suit the local market conditions has now been extended to the pricing of delivery methods.  A new feature in the 2013 v8.11 release allows delivery method pricing to be stored in multiple currencies to enable a currency specific price to be used rather than an exchange rate being applied.  This allows far greater control over delivery pricing when handling customers using a foreign currency and further extends that ability to meet local market pricing expectations.

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