More New Reports Added In Version 9.8

OrderWise Reporting ModuleKeen to always provide new and informative ways to analyse, interpret and manipulate business data, the OrderWise Reports and Layouts team have added three new standard reports in version 9.8 of OrderWise.

Debit Notes Awaiting Credit Report

This report shows debit orders which are still awaiting credit from the supplier. The report gives debit note quantity and values, credited quantities and values, as well as the total difference.

Activities Completed Report

This report shows all activities completed within the specified date range. It shows the activities listed against its opportunity, milestone and task.

TNT Collection Manifest (Summary) Report

This report shows all despatches between the specified date range for TNT Express Connect eShipper. Data is shown in the required Collection Manifest (Summary) as specified by TNT.

business presentationThese three new reports coincide with the 38 new dashboard elements that have also been introduced in the v9.8 release, ensuring the information you need is always close at hand. You can read about the updates to our KPI dashboards here.

With these three new additions, 131 standard reports are now available within OrderWise. By using the OrderWise Reports Wizard or the in-house OrderWise Reports and Layouts team for the creation of more complicated reports, you can always be sure that your specific requirements are reached.

For more information on OrderWise including Reporting, download our brochure or watch our videos.

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