More New Features Added To OrderWise EPOS In Version 9.7

EposThe OrderWise EPOS module provides companies operating in a retail, trade counter or cash and carry environment with software that can help them to streamline their processes, increase efficiency and allow for high service levels to be provided to valued customers.

In the past few months this module has seen a number of new enhancements introduced, including the addition of serial and batch traceability, customer notes, EPOS variant control and alphabetically ordered category search results.

In version 9.7 of OrderWise, several more new enhancements have been added to help further increase the scope and functionality of the EPOS module.

New Multi Select Mode

In retail and trade counter environments, where order volumes can greatly fluctuate depending on the time and day, it is important to maintain efficiency during busy periods. If items do not carry barcodes, then order processing times can be greatly lowered if the right system is not in place.
9864 - Multi Select 2

The first piece of new functionality added to EPOS is a new Multi Select Mode that allows users to manually select a number of items at once, quickly moving backwards and forwards between categories before adding all selected items to the order in one pass. This new mode can be activated from User Group Settings>EPOS and once active the Multi Select Mode button within the category search form will be available on active by default. This feature can also be utilised when refunding items in EPOS.

Thanks to this new functionality, OrderWise EPOS users can now quickly and easily select multiple items at once to add on to an order or return, providing their customers with a fast and efficient service even at the busiest times.

Order Ref Input 2Specify Order References

Another new enhancement to EPOS now provides users with the ability to add and apply an order reference, a feature particularly useful for businesses dealing with account customers. The Order Reference button can be added to the EPOS display and by simply clicking at any point while building an order the specified order reference can be entered. As with the Multi Select Mode feature, this new functionality can also be applied to refunds generated within EPOS.

With this new feature, businesses looking to record a clearly visible reference against their orders are now provided with the flexibility to do so within the OrderWise EPOS module.

Control Usage of Contacts in EPOS

Recording who placed an order is standard functionality in the main OrderWise system but by default when an EPOS order is processed against a customer account it is the main contact against the customer that is used.  Companies that are processing EPOS orders against customer accounts, particularly those that allow payment to be placed on account can find that recording the person ordering provides invaluable information should a dispute occur.

Add Contact System SettingIn version 9.7, a new setting has been introduced to facilitate selecting an existing contact or adding a new contact to record the person ordering.  The new EPOS system setting labelled use main contact on EPOS sales has been added and will be activated by default to replicate previous functionality.  If this setting is turned off, a new form will display a list of all active contacts for that customer when a new order is raised with the ability to add a new contact if required.

With this new setting, users are provided with greater flexibility and control over the use of customer contacts in EPOS. Whether it is activated or deactivated, this setting ensures duplicate contacts are avoided and new customer contacts are easily recorded at the point of payment.

These three new pieces of development ensure OrderWise EPOS users are provided with a more robust and user-friendly tool that can provide fast, efficient customer service, with greater versatility to tailor the module to their own individual requirements.

For more information on the OrderWise EPOS module or to find out more about other OrderWise Sales Order processing options including POS (Trade Counter) watch our videos and download the brochure.

Existing OrderWise users can find full details on the EPOS module along with EPOS hardware packages on the OrderWise Online Shop.

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