Manage, Track & Monitor the ROI of Marketing Campaigns

SalesMarketing campaigns are an essential tool for many businesses, allowing revenue to be generated through offers, promotions and generally creating greater brand awareness. Depending on the company and the products or services being offered, the frequency, format and purpose of these marketing campaigns can greatly vary. For example some businesses may run campaigns such as free gift promotions to encourage new customers to spend. These could be things such as “Receive a free gift with your first online order” or “Free gift on any order over £50”. Other marketing campaigns however may be more based around creating long term buying behaviour. These type of campaigns could see businesses sending out monthly leaflets to customers with their latest offers and promotions or quarterly catalogues to help make customers aware of new or seasonal products.

Regardless of the type and purpose of a marketing campaign a business is running, what is important is that the success of these campaigns is able to be accurately recorded and analysed. Often businesses will initiate marketing campaigns with no means of then being able to trace which orders have come on the back of which campaigns. This could ultimately result in businesses further investing in campaigns that are not generating any revenue at the other end, meaning increased costs and lowered profitability. Therefore it is important that these campaigns are handled effectively and that any orders generated on the back of sales orders are always recorded. This allows businesses to easily analyse what campaigns have worked and where campaign investments should be made in the future.

Marketing Campaign funnelGain Effective Control of Your Marketing Campaigns

Within OrderWise businesses already have extensive functionality to manage multisaver discounts, offers and promotions, as well as the ability to drill down into sales data and utilise the comprehensive analysis provided by the OrderWise Business Intelligence module. Furthermore, the OrderWise CRM module provides the ability to record and analyse the source of enquiries to determine the ROI of each campaign and advertisement. Now adding yet a further dimension to our suite of highly beneficial sales tools, a new licenced feature has been added in version 10.8 of OrderWise to enable businesses to also manage and evaluate their own Marketing Campaigns at sales order level.

Offering great flexibility, this fantastic feature enables users to set up fully customised marketing campaigns which can then be applied to sales orders.  Users will firstly need to add a name for their campaign, populate a description and specify a period using the start and end date options over which the campaign will run.

If users are looking to giveaway things such as free gifts, services, leaflets, catalogues or something else entirely as part of their campaign, there is also the option within OrderWise Marketing Campaigns to add variants associated with the campaign. Businesses can then choose the frequency at which these items will be applied to associated sales orders, either just on the first order placed after the campaign has begun, on every order during which the campaign is running or simply not at all. A minimum order value for receiving these items can also be specified, offering further flexibility as to the kind of marketing campaigns that can be set up.

Free GiftFlexible Management & Automated Assignment To Sales Orders

This feature can be utilised in a number of ways depending on what the business is trying to achieve.  A company may run a marketing campaign and simply wish to record the orders generated from this, recording against the sales order the marketing campaign from which the order came. Alternatively OrderWise Marketing Campaign users can specify customers to include in each campaign so that they always have full control over which customers are included and excluded, with the option also there to have customers imported via Excel. Using this method is also ideal to manage the addition of leaflets, brochures, catalogues or free gifts when a customer included on the campaign places an order. Businesses looking to set up marketing campaigns aimed at targeting different customer bases can also benefit from having the ability to have multiple different campaigns running alongside each other simultaneously.

Additionally, Marketing Campaigns can also be applied to sales orders being imported from online sales channels. When setting up eCommerce sessions, users have the option to specify a default marketing campaign and choose how orders coming from this session are assigned to valid marketing campaigns.  This means that should a campaign be running on a specific website or online channel, as these orders are imported they can have a campaign assigned to them automatically to ensure a free gift is added to the order or source of order recorded for ROI calculations.

As an order is assigned to a marketing campaign either manually or automatically, the order details and customer details are always recorded against the Marketing Campaign. This allows full analysis of the sales order generated by each campaign for each customer so that a full ROI can be quickly and easily determined.

Business Intelligence GuyGain Detailed Insight & Fully Maximise Sales With OrderWise

With this fantastic new addition to OrderWise, businesses are able to effectively customise, manage and analyse all their Marketing Campaigns and subsequent sales orders, gaining greater insight into how orders are being generated. By then combining this Marketing Campaigns with the likes of CRM and Business Intelligence, users can benefit from a full suite of functionality within OrderWise built to ensure sales are always fully maximised and profitability is constantly on the rise.

For more information or to arrange a demonstration of OrderWise Marketing Campaigns, existing users can contact the client services team.

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