Don’t Let Missing Barcodes Slow Down Despatch

Mobile WMS DevicesBarcode scanning technology is becoming increasingly essential in warehouse environments, as businesses look to keep up with competitors using this technology to speed up order fulfilment, prevent errors occurring and reduce their operational costs. With the use of devices capable of scanning barcodes offering huge accuracy and efficiency benefits, it is unsurprising to see more and more businesses introduce the use of barcodes to manage their daily processes each and every month. However although implementing barcode technology is proven to improve the performance of many everyday tasks, it is also important for businesses to have a back-up in place should an item be found to have lost its barcode.

Products found to be missing a barcode can be something that crops up occasionally within busy warehouse environments, causing delays in the despatch process if not handled effectively. With stock being frequently handled, staff can find that sometimes product barcodes will tear or become defaced with marks so that they are otherwise unusable. Additionally as stock is picked, barcodes can be left in bins as items are collected and transported to packing areas. If these products are then not able to be identified at the packing stage, the result is staff then having to return to bins to find a usable barcode to then bring back, causing efficiency to drop in the process.

broken barcodeNegate Missing Barcodes With Visibility Of Items Left To Scan 

Here at OrderWise, we are continually looking for new ways to help our users better manage their warehouse operations, offering flexibility in the way barcode scanning technology can be used to streamline daily operations. Recently, we introduced a fantastic new batch picking method on our Mobile WMS Devices to allow users to efficiently pick and pack multiple orders together, making it the ideal solution for businesses picking single or small multi-line orders. You can read more about this functionality HERE.

Now in version 10.11 of OrderWise, an enhancement has been made to this batch picking functionality to help pickers if items don’t have barcodes. Now when completing a batch pick through the pack scan form, a new button is available on the orders tab to show items that are left to scan. When this button is clicked, users will be able to see a list of all items and their descriptions for lines still left to scan for the order. Therefore if an item doesn’t have a barcode to use to complete the pack scan, users can simply select the corresponding line they need from the list and return it to the order. Users can then continue with the packing process undisrupted.

efficiencygraph1Thanks to this highly useful new functionality, businesses using OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices to streamline their picking can ensure that even if products are found without barcodes, orders can still be accurately picked and packed with maximum efficiency.

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