New Feature Helps Minimise The Impact Of Despatch Discrepancies

Despatch thumbFor any business, maintaining accurate stock figures is an ongoing process that is essential to keeping warehouse operations highly productive. However even with preventative measures in place, businesses will inevitably encounter discrepancies in their stock levels from time to time. While these can occur due to any number of reasons, with user error and product damage being the most common, it is essential to have procedures in place to regularly identify discrepancies and make any relevant adjustments.

Although by keeping on top of these reported discrepancies and making adjustments in a timely fashion can ensure that picking efficiency is maintained, there can be occasions where pickers find there is no usable stock altogether. In these instances it can often simply be a case where all staff can do is ensure that the negative impacts of these kind of discrepancies are kept to a minimum. With customer satisfaction levels often heavily reliant on successful order fulfilment, it is essential for businesses to have measures in place that allows them to react quickly to any issues and avoid customers being let down.

OrderWise already provides effective management of stock discrepancies with the ability for pickers to log stock discrepancies when picking using our Mobile Warehouse Management Devices. Should a picker need to reach the bin they have been directed to and are unable to pick the stock required they can skip to the next bin with available stock and record the reason why they have skipped. Businesses can also ensure that subsequent picks won’t be allocated to the bin which has had this discrepancy logged and allows a manager or supervisor to verify and action within the main OrderWise system later without impacting picking efficiency.

14552 - Despatch Descrep 1React Quickly To Stock Discrepancies With Visibility Of Affected Order Details

Now in version 10.5 of OrderWise, additional fields have been made available to the main system despatch discrepancy screen to allow users to bring through order information. Users now have the option to also add the order line ID and customer name as custom fields to the despatch discrepancy form with options also available to bring through certain despatch discrepancy information through to picking screens using custom fields. By having this information more readily available, managers and supervisors can effectively manage any discrepancies and take appropriate action before it has a effect on customer orders.

Using this information, OrderWise users are able to ensure discrepancies are swiftly actioned and available stock properly controlled and allocated. This allows delays in high priority customer orders to be carefully avoided, keeping the impact of stock discrepancies to an absolute minimum and maintaining customer service at optimum levels.

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