Microsoft pulls the plug on Windows XP

windowsXP_end-of-lifecroppedOver a decade after its release, Microsoft have closed the doors on their support services for Windows XP. The warnings had been sent out for a few months and meant those still using the operating system 12 years after its release would no longer be receiving security patches, software updates or bug fixes. Considering how quickly technology progresses these days, it may come as a surprise to many people that this didn’t happen a lot sooner.

However the fact is that although it has been 12 years since Windows XP was first released, until as recently as August 2012 it was still the number one operating system in the world. In total it is estimated that 45% of all computers across the globe still run on Windows XP, with many home-users, businesses and services still running the software today. These even include the US government and the majority of the world’s ATM machines. However with Microsoft deciding to invest its resources into more recent operating systems and technologies, the number of users is expected to fall to 25% by the end of the month.

Windows_XP_ShutdownIs it time to leave Windows XP behind?

Microsoft are currently urging customers to update to Windows 8, however there are a lot of companies that will continue to support Windows XP at least for the next year, including the majority of anti-virus software providers. However with no more security patches from Microsoft themselves, XP users may still find themselves vulnerable to cybercriminal activity. This vulnerability has been highlighted by the recent security breach in Internet Explorer versions 6 to 11 that permits hackers access to the user’s computer. XP users will be receiving no security updates to help fight the issue which causes the system to crash, marking the first major problem since Microsoft stopped supporting the platform.

In addition to a lack of security XP users could discover more bugs in their software, with a lot of firms that still make programs to run on XP no longer testing on that particular platform.

The good news for OrderWise customers is that our software will continue to be compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 and we will continue to develop new links and integrations with all future Microsoft operating systems. As certified partners of Microsoft, we are provided with access to many of their products prior to official launch, allowing us to test compatibility in our in-house testing department.

So if you are an OrderWise customer still using XP, whether you are in a position to upgrade or not, you know you can continue running your business with the full support of our industry-leading software.

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