Maximise Your Sales Opportunities With BI Snapshots

AndroidBI2With more businesses than ever relying on the convenience of access to on-demand information, this month we have continued to develop and enhance the recently released OrderWise For Android™ software, designed for on-the-go sales insight. Already the app’s innovative capabilities allow staff to maximise sales opportunities by syncing vital data seamlessly between a user’s Android device and the main OrderWise system. Now, two further additions have been introduced to ensure businesses can continue to use the OrderWise App to stay in-touch with their business operations when out on-the-move.

BI Snapshots 350pxGain Offline Visibility With Business Intelligence Snapshots

Any business that uses mobile apps will already know the handiness of having data readily available when on-the-go. Sales staff need to be able to access this information for relevant figures that could mean the difference between winning or losing a sale and when wireless connectivity becomes hard to find, a business still needs visibility of this data. By not giving staff the flexibility to be out on-the-road with the same data they’d have access to in the office means there is potential for them to not have the right information to hand to pass on to customers. This can then leave customers feeling frustrated having not received the first-class service that they have come to expect and also a wealth of sales opportunities left uncaptured.

Without the means of acquiring this information in areas that may not have connectivity, opportunities are quickly lost as sales staff lose the ability to base their conversations with clients on statistical evidence. Similarly, staff may find they need to bring up a graph or snapshot of data to help gain the insight they need to customer buying habits in order to strengthen their sales pitch before important meetings. Therefore companies lacking this understanding may find staff trying to conduct out-of-office deals less equipped, with this ultimately resulting in a negative impact on their bottom line profits for the year.

Phone with BI Graph 3Educated And Instant Decision Making

With OrderWise For Android, businesses already benefit from access to highly useful and comprehensive Business Intelligence customer graphs and grids. This wealth of data on all aspects of operations is one of the most valuable assets a company owns with OrderWise allowing this intuitive and detailed data analysis to be easily obtained at any time and any place through the app functionality.

Now with version 12.3 of OrderWise, the Business Intelligence offering on the OrderWise App sees an exciting new enhancement that enables users to now save snapshots of useful data and access this invaluable information when working offline. These snapshots can be saved in two separate formats on your tablet or mobile; either as a chart or as a grid. From this snapshot, users are provided with an image of their live data at that moment in time, alongside a description and key customer details to give them all the offline insight they need. From within the app, users can then search using a variety of options to find the relevant snapshot and then can edit and delete when needed for maximum control on the data they are capturing.

By utilising this enhancement, sales staff will be able to screen grab an accurate chart or grid ahead of a meeting and recover it at any place, at any time. What’s more, this exciting new functionality eradicates connectivity issues as staff on-the-road can retrieve these saved snapshots for use as and when they may be needed.

Search For Variants Via Items Recently Sold Whilst On-The-RoadAndroid 300px

Further to this exciting new addition within the OrderWise app, our development team have also included an enhancement to the variant search feature. Companies are always looking for ways to make their processes more streamlined and productive, which is why OrderWise has introduced the functionality of being able to search for a variant by ‘Items Recently Sold’. This enables users to quickly access a product that was recently sold to the customer and add it onto a new sales order or a credit. By having this functionality, the app allows recurring lines to be added to new orders even faster and easier than before.

With these valuable new additions, the app continues to be an easy-to-access unmissable sales tool that offers users huge benefits. By combining the power of the in-depth data available from Business Intelligence and the flexibility to use the mobile OrderWise app wherever and whenever, the Business Intelligence snapshots provides further resources to help maximise sales opportunities when working out on-the-road.

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