Maximise despatch efficiency with new Picker workload feature

Order DespatchI am sure there are many of you out there in the middle a hectic Christmas selling period with extremely busy warehouses full of staff frantically picking and despatching orders.  The picking of orders is a key role during any peak trading period, whether that is something a business encounters daily, weekly, monthly or seasonally, therefore managing a picker’s workload is crucial to ensuring order volumes are handled effectively and goods are despatched on time.

A fast moving and high pressure environment.

With a limited window to get orders picked and out the door, especially when the pressures of next day delivery are involved, you need to ensure orders are correctly distributed across the available pickers to make best use of resources for maximum order throughput and fulfilment speed.

In any busy warehouse environment the fluid nature of picks being completed at the same time as new orders arriving and requiring allocation can make it difficult to accurately ascertain a picker’s current workload at any given moment.

Even distributionAssessing the workload.

The Open Picks area within the Despatch module can provide warehouse managers with full details on current assigned picks for each picker.  By using the filter row or queries along with the summing functionality, managers can see picker by picker full details of what they have outstanding.  The depth of visibility provided in this area of despatch is particularly useful when picks can involve vastly different items or pick weights, allowing managers to assess the exact type of picks each picker has to complete before assigning more.  However in many cases a simpler assessment of picker workload is sufficient.

Make faster, more accurate pick assignment decisions

New development in the OrderWise 2013 v8.12 release now provides the ability to instantly assess each picker’s outstanding workload at point of pick assign.  The new Pickers window now has additional information underneath each available picker:

  • A percentage bar that displays the percentage of all outstanding picks that are assigned to each picker.
  • A count of the number of picks assigned to each picker
  • A count of the number of pick lines that are assigned to each picker.

Using this snapshot of the current pick distribution at point of assignment, users are able to instantly determine the current workload spread and assign new picks to ensure the resources available are maximised.

Mobile Barcode ScanningNear real time pick feedback

For those companies making use of OrderWise HHT Mobile devices for wireless HHT picking or Tote Picking, as each picked order line is confirmed and sent back to the main OrderWise system they will have a near real time indication of current picker workload for incredibly effective resource management.

Reducing cost per order

Combined with the outstanding flexibility of how the OrderWise Despatch module can be set up and configured to meet each businesses own fulfilment process requirements, this new development further ensures companies can maximise the efficiency of their warehouse operations, reducing the cost of fulfilling each order and increasing profitability.

For more information on OrderWise Despatch including HHT Picking and Tote Picking watch our videos or download the brochure.

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