Maximise Cross Selling & Quote Conversion With Latest Business Intelligence Features

Business IntelligencethumbOrderWise Business Intelligence has already proved itself to be massively popular with our customers, with many businesses already using this module to drill down into their business data and reap the benefits of identifying issues early, plugging the source of leakage while it is only a drip and ultimately revolutionising the performance of the company.

Since its release late last year, this module has continually developed with new enhancements and functionality added each month since its inception. This month is no different, with the release of version 10.3 of OrderWise seeing the introduction of three more business intelligence grids.

13755 - BI Buying & Not BuyingBuying/Not Buying

The first new Business Intelligence grids provides users with a clear insight into which customers have or have not ordered certain items over the selected date range.  This incredibly powerful new feature enable business to quickly identify cross selling opportunities that are not being fully leveraged.  Customer that are buying from one product category but not another can highlight for example those buying power tools but not power tool accessories.  This cross category analysis can help identify additional sales opportunities that may need further staff training to capitalise on, highlight competitors capturing sales or signal issues with pricing or stock lead times.

14013 - Quoted Not Sold BIVariants Quoted But Not Sold

The second new Business Intelligence grid provides users with a greater insight into items that a customer has been quoted for but hasn’t gone ahead and purchased, within the selected date range. Users have the option of looking at items quotes that were never bought at all, items quoted where the order was for a lesser quantity or both.  This provides yet another opportunity to identify issues with product pricing, competition, availability and more to maximise every opportunity for increased sales and profitability.

With the addition of these three new grids, the wealth of information available and the number of different angles from which data can be analysed within OrderWise Business Intelligence has been further extended, with the number of grids available now totalling 33. By using this module, businesses can benefit from being able to pinpoint the reasons for lowered profitability, highlight the areas for improvement and in doing so gain a more comprehensive insight into company performance.

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