Maximise Sales Value By Alerting Staff To Quantity Breaks

Sales thumbCommonly used in a wide range of different trading environments, quantity breaks are highly effective sales tools. By offering discounts on items that increase based on the quantity in which customers are buying certain products, businesses are able to encourage their customers to buy in greater volumes, increasing sales order value and often reducing purchasing costs as a result. By using quantity breaks when available, businesses are able to fully maximise their sales opportunities and promote long term buying behaviour from valued customers.

However businesses can often find that sales staff can forget to include these offers at the point of sale or that new sales staff are simply unaware of available quantity break discounts when raising sales orders. For example a customer may ask to purchase a quantity of 45 and a quantity break discount is available if they purchase 50. If sales staff are not notified that there is a discount available to the customer if they purchase just a few more, businesses can lose out on the opportunity to get more out of the sale or may even lose the sale to a competitor if the price is too high. If sales staff repeatedly miss out on the opportunity to offer these quantity breaks, this can heavily impact business turnover, cause sales targets to missed and potentially lead customers to shop elsewhere.

OrderWise already provides users with an extensive suite of functionality to manage item quantity breaks, various customer price lists and more. Some of the benefits of using our wide range of price management software was highlighted in our April feature article, which you can read HERE. Now in version 10.6 of OrderWise, several new features and enhancements have been added to help businesses better educate staff on available discounts and notify them when potential quantity break opportunities are available.

14007 - Qty Break messageShow Message If Quantity Break Available

The first new feature added to OrderWise to provide even greater management of quantity breaks is the ability to notify staff with a pop up message when a quantity break is available to a sales order. With the relevant settings active, users simply need to enter a number in the Price Check Quantity Break field, which can be found against the variant record. Then when a quantity for the item which is less than that specified in the Price Check Quantity Break field is added to sales order, a message will appear to the user raising the sales order informing them that quantity breaks for the item are available.

By using this feature, OrderWise users operating quantity breaks can ensure that staff are aware when there is a cheaper price available if the customer purchases above a certain amount. This not only enables exceptional levels of customer service to be provided but also guarantee that sales staff, where possible, can use quantity breaks to maximise the value of a sales order.

14007 - Pricing OverviewPricing Overview And Price List Report Updated

Coinciding with this new functionality, changes have also been made to the Customer Price List Report and Pricing Overview form found within the Sales Order Entry screen so that any quantity breaks setup for variants throughout the system are now also displayed in these areas. This includes any quantity breaks that feature on Customer Price Lists, Additional Customer Price Lists, Customer Special Prices and Variant Quantity Breaks.

With the addition of quantity break details to these two key areas, businesses using OrderWise have greater visibility of available product discounts and can benefit from quick and easy access to all quantity breaks related to a specific customer.

14012 - Variants bought & quoted in x days price report optionAdditional Filter On The Customer Price List Report

The final new addition is a new filter option that has been added to the Customer Price List report. When using this report, OrderWise users already have a number of options to filter the items that are displayed in the results, including Variants Bought in X Days and Variants Not Bought In X Days. Now a Variants Bought and Quoted In X Days option has also been added, which gives users the ability to include items that also appear in quotes over the date range.

Although only a small enhancement, this provides businesses with further flexibility to tailor the Customer Price List Report to obtain the information they require.

With these three great new features, businesses using OrderWise are able to use quantity breaks to their full potential. Whether using look up tools to see what quantity breaks apply to a customer or alerting staff through messages to the fact these discounts are available, OrderWise users are able to use quantity breaks as an effective incentive for customers to buy more, allowing them to benefit from higher sales order volumes and increased profits as a result.

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