Mark Customer Return Lines As Fully Received

ReturnsIt is not uncommon that in some customer return cases, the general code of practice is to issue a refund, credit or replacement to a customer without the need for items to be returned and booked in to stock. This may be due to items being lost in delivery, a faulty batch being returned straight to the supplier or even perishable items that are unsuitable for consumption. More commonly if the item being refunded or replaced is of generally low value, it will simply be a case where the cost of processing the returned goods is too great considering the sales price.

Here at OrderWise, we have recently released our Returns Module, designed to provide our users with a more structured, accountable and tailored returns process to be managed throughout the length of the supply chain. This traceable management solution provides full visibility and process control functionality when dealing with both supplier and customer returns, ensuring return policies are upheld, resolutions are efficiently delivered, performance criteria monitored and relevant documentation produced.

Line Fully ReturnedPractical Management of Returns Processes

In version 9.6 of OrderWise new functionality has been introduced to this module to handle scenarios where items are not expected to be returned, facilitating the ability to mark a customer return line as fully received. This has been specifically designed for situations where customers will not be physically returning stock and therefore will prevent the items from appearing in the Returns goods in screen. This feature can be easily activated by turning on the return user group setting entitled mark customer return lines as fully received. Customer return lines can then be marked as fully received by checking the line fully returned box within customer return line information.

This new feature further expands the extensive handling of returns offered by the OrderWise Returns Module, allowing users to mark items as fully received in order to maintain high customer service levels and reduce processing costs occurred through the return of goods.

For more information about OrderWise Returns watch our video or download the brochure.

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