Manufacturing BOM & Revision edit and creation made easy

OrderWise Manufacturing ModuleManufacturing processes and bills of materials can range from short and simple to long and complex, but regardless there is no getting away from the fact they all need setting up and configuring.  Once this has been done, there may be requirements to create numerous revisions for the each product whether this be to account for various options or as components become obsolete, unavailable or need to be changed for any reason.

While this may be fine when performing one off or ad hoc changes to a revision it can represent a significant amount of work if large volumes of revisions need to changed or added, especially when a revision has many components within its B.O.M.

In the 2013 v8.10 release there are 2 new developments to the Manufacturing module designed to make the management, creation and amendment of manufactured variant revisions simpler and faster.

Copy Components to different revisions

This new feature allows users to copy the components of a manufactured variant revision, create a new revision and then copy these components into it.  Although users are still able to copy the entire revision if required the component copy feature provides added flexibility in how new revisions are created.

Variant revision component edit import

When editing Variant Revision Components using the system ‘Import Data’ function any components not included in the imported file are removed from the Variant revision.  Alternatively the import also allows components to be replaced with other Variants using the same ‘Import Data’ function.

These two new developments provide outstanding flexibility in managing Manufactured Revisions and will speed up the process of changing or creating revisions.

For more information on OrderWise Manufacturing download the brochure or watch our videos.

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