A Quick & Easy Method For Managing Product Images

Stock thumbAsk around and you will find that it is not uncommon for businesses to store pictures of the items that they sell. Although most commonly these will be stored to assist with online trading, there are various other reasons and advantages to businesses storing product images. For example, new staff who are not yet familiar with stock items can use these images as a visual aid so they know exactly what they are looking for when picking and performing tasks. Also if a customer asks to see a certain item and there’s none physically out on display, for example when sales staff are out on the road, the item is special order only or simply not in stock, sales staff can quickly find and use these images instead to show customers.  In addition some companies also include product images on customer facing documentation such as quotes, order acknowledgements and invoices.

However although having pictures of items can help to sell products online, aid new warehouse staff in performing their activities, assist sales staff with providing good customer service and more, actually adding these images can be quite a laborious task. With many businesses often selling hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of items, adding images for each of these individually can be an incredibly time-consuming process that is conducted on a regular basis.

13418 - Product Image ImportSave Time When Adding & Updating Images With Our New Import Facility

Additionally, for some businesses this may not just be a case of adding images for new product lines when they are introduced either but also removing old images too. This could often be the case if existing product images need to be replaced with those of newer models, updated branding or even current packaging. Therefore businesses adding and changing product images regularly need to ensure they have an efficient method of conducting this process so that it can be done effectively.

To help make this process much easier, a brand new Product Image import has been added in version 10.4 of OrderWise. This new import facility allows users to quickly and easily import en-masse all their product images into OrderWise. Included as part of this import is also an option to remove all existing images in OrderWise for the products being imported, making the process of adding and removing images much more streamlined.

Image Import screenshotNew Enhancement To Quickly Remove Multiple Images At Variant Level En-Masse

This new import facility adds to the existing Variant Image Import that is already available within OrderWise. However this import has also seen an enhancement this month, with the option to remove all existing images in OrderWise for the variants being imported added to coincide with the same functionality being introduced on the new Product Image import.

With this simple but highly useful new functionality, businesses can now easily and efficiently add and remove multiple images from OrderWise at both the product and variant level, enabling huge amounts of time to be saved by turning a long, time-consuming task into a short, fast one.

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