Fast & Simple Management Of Purchase Orders Being Built Up Over Time

Purchasing thumbEffectively managing stock requirements is something that all businesses will strive for, however for some companies the process of achieving this can take longer than others. For businesses with ever-changing stock requirements, looking to make the most of discounted supplier rates or hit required quantities for delivery such as full containers, it can often be a case where purchase orders to fulfil stock requirements will be built up slowly over time.

Although most businesses will simply add new lines to their build up purchase orders as and when it is required, if a company needs to add hundreds of lines at a time, adding these individually can be an incredibly inefficient way of working. Therefore these companies will need the flexibility to be able to add large volumes of new lines to purchase orders in a manner that’s both quick and simple.

With these situations in mind, a new enhancement has been added in version 10.5 of OrderWise to our Purchase Order Import Utility.  Already available to create purchase orders via an excel import, this new enhancement provides businesses building up purchase orders over time with the ability to add to existing purchase orders from an excel import.

14553 - PO Import LinesAdd Lines to Existing Purchase Orders

Giving businesses the flexibility to easily add lines to existing purchase orders when they are being built up over time, the standard OrderWise Import Purchase Orders utility has now been modified to allow the adding of lines to existing purchase orders. The purchase order will be matched up based on the corresponding order number.

Thanks to this new addition, OrderWise users who will create purchase orders prior to them being officially raised can now easily and efficiently keep these updated to meet business requirements as they continue to change.

Two new enhancements have also been added this month to assist businesses who will raise sales orders in advance, which you can read about HERE.

For more information on OrderWise Purchasing, download the brochure and watch the videos.

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