Simpler Management Of Additional Payments Made When Handling Returns

Returns thumbWhen processing a return, depending on the situation, item in question and the standard policy of the business, the options available to a customer can greatly vary. Some customers will want a full refund, others a credit, like-for-like exchange or a repair. However in some cases where a customer will be returning an unwanted, damaged or incorrectly ordered item, they may request to have it replaced with a different item.

This is quite common in clothing with sizes often being changed, however many online retailers will find customers may decide to return and change their order after receipt.  When these situations occur there can often be an additional payment involved, it may be the new item is of higher value, a restocking fee could apply or a redelivery cost incurred.  Ensuring these additional payment are handled accurately, efficiently and in an auditable manner can pose a challenge for many companies.

The OrderWise Returns module already provides users with structured management over both customer and supplier returns processes. Tailored to meet the requirements of the business, this module enables companies to ensure high customer service levels are maintained, costs are minimised and all appropriate actions are handled in an accurate, streamlined and efficient manner. Since its introduction last April the module has been constantly developed, with recent additions including the ability to refund a return using the original payment method, a feature you can read about HERE.

12453 - Refund Payment on AccountStructured Processing Of A Replacement For A Different Valued Alternative

Now in version 10.1 of OrderWise, another new feature has been added that allows users to automatically add an on account payment when raising a return where the original item is being replaced.  The OrderWise Returns module already handles the replacement process with the ability to link the return to the original order, automatically generated the Credit/Refund, book stock back in and generate a Sales order for the replacement so users are assured the correct processes are followed.  This latest enhancement will now eliminate the need to refund the returned item, instead it will contra this value against the new sales order and when payment is taken only ask for the difference.  As an example, if the original order value was £10 and the replacement item was £12, a credit would be generated for the original item at £10 and no refund would be processed. Then when it would come time to take payment for the £12 item on the replacement, the sales order would simply only be ask for the £2 difference.  This feature only applies to non-account customers.

12453 - Take Additional PaymentFor those customers using the Vanguard payment gateway there is the further ability to take the additional payment against the original payment token therefor removing the need to go back to the customer for their card payment details.

With the addition of this new feature, OrderWise Returns users can provide customers with the option to replace their unwanted or faulty items with an alternative, allowing customers’ greater choice when selecting their ideal replacement and promoting excellent customer satisfaction as a result.

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