Manage Two Stage Stock Replenishments

Stock Replenishment thumbWith warehouse operations representing a significant proportion of overheads and labour costs for many companies, it is vital to ensure they are always managed as efficiently and accurately as possible. Although regular checks or reports can help to identify when picking bins are near depletion and require stock movements to be made so that staff are not travelling further and further to collect stock to fulfil orders, businesses find that a more structured method of replenishing picking bins ensures maximum productivity is being achieved at all times.

However for businesses holding stock across multiple warehouses, different levels or mezzanine floors, even with this structure in place, managing the replenishment of stock can require extra considerations as the physical processes can often be more complex to manage. In many instances where warehouse operations are spread across multiple areas or stock locations, it can often be a case where stock is being collected from one warehouse or floor to replenish a bin in another.

pallet-industrial-mezzanineFinding The Best Way To Transfer Stock Between Different Floors And Warehouses

In these situations, more often or not the task may need to be split across several members of staff, with one person collecting the stock from one warehouse or floor, transporting it to the required location and handing the task of distributing the stock into the picking bins over to a member of staff working in that area. Businesses should therefore ensure that if they are operating across multiple warehouses or floors that they have the structure in place to effectively manage their staff resources while ensuring picking stock is always quickly and accurately replenished.

The OrderWise Stock Replenishment Module already provides businesses with a tailored, controlled and forecasted method of managing stock replenishments across multiple stock locations, either within the main OrderWise system or in-conjunction with our Mobile WMS Devices. Extending this comprehensive functionality to manage Stock Replenishments on OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, a new enhancement has now been added in version 10.3 of OrderWise. This new feature enables users to manage two stage stock replenishments, where the processes of picking the replenishment stock and the task of placing the stock in the required picking bins is performed as two distinct activities.

Replenishment PullMaximise Productivity With Two Stage Stock Replenishments

Two stage replenishment is managed using Totes and works as a combination between Tote Picking and Put Away functionality on the OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices.  The picker assigned the replenishment will be sent by best walk route to scan the stock into totes, separating stock based on the pick bin it will eventually be placed into, this process is the Pull. Once complete, this pull is sent back to the main system via wifi and the trolley with the totes would be sent to the location the stock is required.

Any OrderWise Mobile WMS Device user is then able to collect the totes and perform the place part of the replenishment.  They can scan the totes they wish to place, being informed if multiple totes have stock linked to the same picking bin. Once they have scanned the totes they have collected they will be sent by best walk route to place the stock into the picking bins and complete the replenishment process.

Replenishment Totes To Place

Make Full Use Of Staff Resources When Performing Replenishment Activities

With this fantastic new addition to Stock Replenishments, businesses using this module in-conjunction with OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices are able to maximise productivity by making the most of staff resources when completing replenishment activities. By managing stock replenishments across two stages, businesses replenishing from bulk stock stored in separate locations or on separate levels to picking stock can ensure that this stock is transported to where it is required in an accurate, organised and efficient manner.

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