Manage purchasing & despatch when order fulfiment from single batch or transaction is required

OrderWise Purchasing ModuleThere are many industries where strictly maintaining the consistency of products supplied to customers is key.  A scenario that many of us will have encountered in our own personal purchases is when decorating, knowing that we need to match the batch number on tins of paint or wallpaper to ensure we don’t end up with any variation of finish.

Single Transaction - Sales Order Warning

Companies having to account for these requirements when processing and fulfilling customer orders often find the task of identifying available stock from a single transaction creates additional work and complexity.  While allocating stock at point of order entry can ensure the order is fulfilled correctly, this is only of benefit if appropriate stock is available at that time.  Further complexity is encountered when managing purchasing activities.  For example if a customer requires 100 of an item that is always supplied from the same transaction when current stock is 200 split over 3 transactions, although overall stock quantity can meet demand a new purchase order for 100 is required to ensure the sales order is fulfilled from the same transaction.

Eliminate the chance of stock batch variations

In the 2014 v9.2 release the existing Single Transaction to Purchase Report feature available from within the Purchasing Module has been expanded.  Previously this feature only catered for PUQ items such as where a carpet was bought by the roll and stocked in metres.   It was designed to manage scenarios such as having a total stock of 50 metres of carpet split over 2 rolls with 25 metres left on each, if an order was placed for 30 metres you would not be able to fulfil it from current stock therefore need to order a new roll.  This feature will now operate with ‘normal’ items.

Single Transaction - Single Transaction To Purchase ReportManage requirements from sales to despatch and purchasing

By activating the ‘Satisfy demand from single transaction’ setting in variant settings, users can ensure that when the item is added to a sales order it will only be possible to allocate stock if the line can be fulfilled from one transaction.  Should allocation not be made within the sales order then  as there is insufficient single transaction stock this will be reflected in Stock Status indictors in Despatch as NONE to prevent incorrect order picking.

Any purchase requirements for items flagged as needing to be satisfied from a single transaction will be processed via the Single Transaction to Purchase Report screen within the Purchasing module, ensuring sales order demand and min/max stock levels are met.  Should suppliers providing these products also be used for other items and a single purchase order for all items be preferred, users can run the Single Transaction to Purchase Report first then the main To Purchase Report, creating both as Build Ups to amalgamate then convert to a single Purchase Order.

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