Manage Parcel Labels For Kitted Products

kittingEfficiently and effectively managing the despatch process of kitted products can be a challenge for many businesses, particularly those trading in larger kitted items such as trampolines, bed frames, wardrobes and other bulky items. It is often necessary for these type of kits to be shipped as separate parcels once picked as the individual components are a package in their own right, resulting in extra considerations and processes being required.

For companies shipping kitted goods in this manner, it is important that despatch processes are kept both streamlined and well organised. Shipping components individually and relying on staff to manually update information such as the number of parcels or the number of labels required increases the chance of errors occurring and despatch processes becoming inefficient. Therefore in order to avoid increased numbers of mistakes and lowered productivity, businesses need to have a system in place to ensure kits are effectively managed and shipped.

OrderWise already provides extensive control over kitted products with our Kitting module, enabling businesses to easily manage both purchase and non-purchase kits, their relevant components and more. However new development has now been added in version 9.8 of OrderWise to provide customers using a pick/ship despatch process with the option to increase the number of parcels on a shipment, based on the components within the kits on the delivery.

10184 - Despatch Label per Kit Component Ship ScreenEnhanced Kit Despatch Management

Thanks to this new enhancement, users can now include kit components in the parcel total count by simply activating the relevant system setting. Once this setting has been triggered, the number of parcels will be increased based on the component quantity and the treat as parcel settings against the component record. If any of the components have the treat as parcel setting applied, the number of parcels on the order will be decreased by one in order to remove the parcel which was auto added for the kit itself. Once these settings have been applied to the kitted components, OrderWise will automatically record the number of parcels associated with each product and reflect this within the ship screen.

With the addition of this new functionality, businesses can further streamline their despatch processes and ensure kitted items are practically handled by enabling multiple courier labels to be created without having to manually change the number of parcels.

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