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ManufacturingIn certain industries, it is not uncommon for manufacturers to use components such as chemicals, food ingredients or other various liquids or substances. Often these type of components will be quantified by their weight or volume rather than say whole bottles or packets. Although in many cases a set weight will need to be allocated to build an item, in other situations the weight will be variable for each works order.

A common example where this is the case is for companies that process animal hides, chemicals will be used to wash and prepare hides ready to manufacture in to leather goods. For these businesses, the volume of chemicals required to process the works order will be entirely dependent on the weight of the hide within a works order, although the works order can be created based on the number of hides.

inventory managementHow Do You Manage Variable Component Quantities?

Food manufacturers may also come across a similar situation where certain ingredient volumes may change based on the acidity/sweetness of base ingredients but the works order be based on an overall weight being manufactured.

Engineering companies that use different paint types or powder coatings as components may also find that the amount required will be dependent on the surface area in m2. This can differ due to the varying coverage offered by a primer coat and finish coat while the works order is based on number of items being built.

In any of these circumstances, component allocation can become a real challenge as often companies won’t know how much is required until the manufacturing process has begun and end up attempting to determine component quantities based on different units of measure. Without the right guide in place to work out the batch weight or m2 for example needed to complete a works order, a number of problems can start to arise. Errors can occur from miscalculations resulting in either too much or too little of a component being used. This in turn can cause time and money to be lost through corrections and re-builds or overall product quality to be lowered. Therefore it is important for businesses manufacturing in this way to have a controlled, accurate method of calculating the component quantity in place while still maintaining a high level automation.

11159 - Use Component Multiplier Variant RevisionControl Allocation With New Component Multiplier Quantity Feature

Substantial new functionality has been added to OrderWise Manufacturing in version 9.9 to allow users to better manage the allocation of components with variable quantity for each works order. This has been enabled by a new component multiplier quantity field that has been added to the variant revision component tab.

A user can simply flag to use the component multiplier quantity using the tick box which will ensure the minimum/maximum stock allocation is calculated using the component multiplier quantity, set against the variant revision, instead of the works order quantity. The estimated cost for the works order will also use the same calculation.

Coupled with this is another new setting, auto allocate to min allocatable, which is also located in the variant revision tab. Once activated, the use component multiplier is used when auto allocating the works order and the works order component multiplier quantity will be used instead of the works order quantity unless already allocated to the minimum.

In addition to flagging the use component multiplier field as active, users can also use the existing quantity per option. As an example, if a substance measured in grams requires a quantity of 10 per 1 and has a component multiplier of 100 than 1kg will be added to the works order. Users can also update the component multiplier quantity part way through a build if the multiplier values are not known until after the build process has begun.

11159 - Component Multiplier QtyStructured Management Of Component Allocation Quantities

Many users may wish to use the data dictionary functionality in OrderWise to change the name of the component multiplier quantity field to more closely match its use within their business.  In the example of processing animal hides a works order for 10 hides is created, once the 10 hides have been weighed a user would then edit the works order and update the component multiplier quantity with this weight.  In this scenario it would make sense to rename component multiplier quantity field description to Batch Weight kg.  Once the multiplier is updated any component flagged to use this will have their quantities updated based on the multiplier quantity rather than the works order quantity.

With this great new feature, OrderWise manufacturers using varying units of measure to calculate component requirements in works orders can now easily calculate the exact volume, weight or other required for each works order, providing added control and structured management of component allocation.

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