Manage amalgamated purchase invoices for multiple purchase orders

OrderWise Purchasing ModuleAmalgamated PO - Invoice ScreenWhen placing orders with suppliers, companies are faced with a series of challenges, from ensuring best value is obtained to organising the timely delivery of multiple purchase orders from overseas.

An effective solution used by many businesses, especially where overseas purchasing is concerned, will be to have multiple purchase orders packed and delivered together in the same shipment.  This situation of multiple purchase orders being delivered together is not be isolated to oversees purchases though, many suppliers have delivery schedules and purchase orders can be built up to meet minimum order requirements.  These types of situations will often mean the invoice received from suppliers covers the delivery rather than the individual purchase order raised, also common will be amalgamated weekly or monthly supplier invoices.

Amalgamated PO - Entry WindowReconciling invoices can be a time consuming process

When processing these amalgamated supplier invoices it can result in valuable time being wasted as staff need to manually reconcile the invoice against separate purchase orders and purchase order lines before entering individual details in to their accounts system.  This process becomes even more complex and open to error when quantities of the same invoiced item are split across multiple purchase orders.

OrderWise has always provided the ability to record supplier invoice details against relevant purchase orders with OrderWise Accounts Integration used to post details at the click of a button directly across to a range of accounts systems including popular Sage and QuickBooks packages.

Amalgamated PO - Add Line WindowOne invoice, multiple orders, easily handled

New development in the 2014 v9.2 release now sees the introduction of amalgamated purchase invoice functionality to make entering and reconciling these invoices simple, fast and accurate.  Accessible from the Purchase Invoices node within the Purchasing Module, users simply select the supplier the invoice is from, click add and start building the invoice details.

Users can then record all relevant invoice header and reference information and would add invoice lines in a similar way to creating an order.  The product details and quantity being invoiced is recorded and OrderWise displays the relevant purchase order lines that the invoice can be attributed to.

Amalgamated PO - Container WindowEven simpler with Shipping container receipt

By taking advantage of OrderWise Shipping Container functionality users can use the ‘Add lines from a container’ button in the invoice entry screen to simply pull through all purchase order lines assigned to a container number automatically, greatly simplifying invoice recording and reducing input time.  Although terminology refers to shipping containers, this functionality can be used as a way of creating batches of purchase order lines to meet a variety of requirements to speed up goods receipt and invoice recording.

The addition of this new Amalgamated Purchase Invoice functionality further enhances the existing options available including utilising GRN (Goods Receipt Note) records to ensure the most efficient and accurate method of invoice entry can be utilised.

For more information on OrderWise Purchasing & Accounts integration then watch the videos or download the brochure.

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