Lots Of Beneficial New Features Added To CRM

CRMSince its introduction in February, the OrderWise CRM Module has proved massively popular with customers. This essential module provides users with the tools, structure and control required across the entire business to manage customer relationships, enabling staff to easily identify and access the information they need to perform effectively on a day to day basis.

Since its arrival, the OrderWise CRM module has been continuously enhanced, with key developments introduced such as the ability to copy a task, see who a task was completed by, set up a repeating track to enable accounts customer management and over 80 KPI dashboards to monitor performance. These additional enhancements have continued in version 9.11 of OrderWise with the introduction of another five beneficial new features this month.

12724 - CRM schedule multiple tasksAssign Multiple Tasks At Once Upon Completing An Activity

In many instances, when completing a task businesses will want to schedule more than one task as a result. This could be for a multitude of reasons such as the task needing to be assigned to multiple members of staff, a manager or supervisor needing to be notified on opportunity progress or assigning staff to attend a meeting.

Most commonly, businesses may need to schedule a task with an additional follow up also required. This could be things such as setting a date for a meeting and also setting a task to confirm the meeting is still going ahead nearer the arranged time. Another example could be a task to email a document where an additional task also needs to be added to check it has been received. For businesses managing tasks such as these, using CRM extensively and assigning multiple tasks on a regular basis, it is important that the processes in place for managing this are as efficient and organised as possible.

Following on from the Copy a Task functionality that was added to OrderWise CRM last month, which you can read about HERE, a new feature has now been added to allow businesses to assign multiple tasks upon completion of an activity. This is easily achieved by pressing the new save and schedule a task button when completing an activity which will reopen the Schedule a Task form to allow another task to be created.

12586 & 12726 - Default task and communication settingsDefault Filtering of the Schedule a Task Grid & Communication Direction Method

Due to the tailored nature of the OrderWise CRM module, each business will manage the setup and use of tracks, tasks and milestones within opportunities differently. To further extend this flexibility and increase user-friendliness, a new system setting has now been added to allow users to choose the default filter on the schedule a task grid when the form is first opened. Users have the option to choose whether by default this grid displays only outstanding milestones, outstanding tasks or all tasks, allowing task scheduling to be further streamlined and achieved in fewer clicks.

Within opportunity activities, users also have the ability to state whether the communication method for a new activity is inbound, outbound or internal, with the current default set to inbound. Although selecting the correct method is a minimal task when adding new activities, changing this each time can add up to generally lowered efficiency. Therefore a new system setting has also been added to allow users to set their default communication method.

12725 - Activity Analysis SnippetCRM Activity Analysis Snippet

Activity Analysis fields within OrderWise CRM opportunities give users flexible control of information that is recorded when completing activities. Most commonly, businesses may use logical tick box analysis fields to allow staff to check off information as it is provided to or received from the customer.

Previously this information was only available to view and record against the Activity Analysis tab within the opportunity activity screen. However for at-a-glance visibility of information, users now have the ability to pull this information through onto the main opportunity activity screen.

12736 - New Custome Profile FieldsNew Fields Added To Customer Profile Tab

With the addition of the new Business Intelligence module in version 9.11 of OrderWise, users are now able to record additional details against a customer profile, including the sales rep, account manager and territory linked to the customer.

Although added to OrderWise to coincide with the Business Intelligence module, these fields provide businesses with key information throughout OrderWise when monitoring staff performance and analysing reports. Therefore the sales rep, account manager and territory fields are now included in the customer profile tab of the opportunity, task and activity forms within CRM. These fields can be edited by clicking the edit customer profile button within the same form or via the customer record, which is from where the information is originally pulled.

With the addition of these five great new features, the ease-of-use and visibility of information within the OrderWise CRM module has been further extended, with functionality to enable businesses to work more efficiently and further tailor the module to meet their own individual requirements.

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