Copy Listings, Add More Images And Handle Click & Collect Orders With OrderWise eBay Integration

Marketplace IntegrationCompanies trading through eBay need to carefully manage their product listings and the associated costs, but also organise their order and despatch processing too. Without a complete solution in place, businesses will find they have to utilise several applications and often still go into eBay itself to manage orders, stock levels, pricing, despatch updates, relisting, new listing and much more. By managing operations in this manner, eBay traders will not only spend huge amounts of time trying to manage this but see accuracy and efficiency drop to levels that can not only cause feedback scores to suffer but also drive them to lose customers instead of gaining them. What’s more, for businesses trading on multiple eBay accounts and sites, there can be significant time spent in listing items and effectively managing those listings going forward.

With the OrderWise eBay Integration Suite & Listings tool, businesses trading through eBay are already provided with an extensive range of functionality that not only eliminates many commonly used manual processes but replaces them with high levels of automation instead. Used in-conjunction with the OrderWise eCommerce module, businesses trading through eBay are provided with one single system from which they can import, process and despatch all orders coming through all of their seller accounts on all the eBay sites on which they list. With the OrderWise eBay Integration Suite, businesses can also send order despatch updates, synchronise prices, stock levels and much more.

ebay-logo1 aThe OrderWise listing functionality and eBay Integration provide a user-friendly, integrated solution that seamlessly link your eBay marketplaces with the powerful back-end control of OrderWise. With functionality to easily create product templates, gather estimated fees and list or relist as many items as necessary, OrderWise offers eBay sellers a range of tools to manage their product listings effectively.

Enhanced Functionality To Increase Efficiency And Service

Businesses selling via eBay are always looking for the most efficient method of listing items and OrderWise now provides even greater flexibility and a higher level of detail when it comes to the management of eBay listings.

The latest version of OrderWise adds a new ‘copy listing’ feature which allows all details contained within the selected record to be easily copied over to a new record. This streamlines the process of listing items on multiple eBay accounts and sites. By having the ability to copy eBay Listings, this functionality can save OrderWise users time, reduce their errors, increase efficiency and ensure items are available for sale as swiftly as possible.

different colour clothes 1Another new feature added this month is the ability to add images to eBay listings for each individual variant of a particular product, building on the current ability to add images at product level.

For example, images of all different coloured variants can now be added for a more thorough listing and improved customer experience. By now being able to display individual variations of their products, businesses using OrderWise eBay Listings can benefit from greater selling power by allowing customers to better visualise the item they are purchasing.

Click and Collect 1Continuing the enhancements to the OrderWise eBay functionality, this month also sees the addition of the ability to add click & collect options to eBay orders. Orders are pulled through to OrderWise in the normal way, however goods will instead be despatched to the relevant eBay click & collect location. Through this highly beneficial new feature, eBay sellers using OrderWise are able to provide greater order fulfilment flexibility to help them close more sales in a highly competitive market.

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