Kick start your CRM insight & analysis with 88 new KPI Dashboards

OrderWise KPI Dashboard ModuleTo coincide with the launch of the OrderWise CRM module (more details here), there has been significant new development to the OrderWise KPI Dashboard module.

OrderWise provides a huge amount of information in system, with tools to filter and format the data on screen along with the ability export directly to excel for extensive data analysis and manipulation.  The OrderWise KPI Dashboard module provides a constantly refreshed representation of key performance indicators in a chart format suited to at a glance interpretation.

Cut through the data to gain invaluable & up to date intelligence

In addition to the existing 360 KPI Dashboards available throughout OrderWise, providing valuable insight into Sales, Purchasing, Despatch, Invoicing, Stock, Customer, Suppliers and more, there has been a total of 88 new charts added to cover CRM intelligence.  These new KPI charts enable visual representation of key data across CRM activities as well as allowing information to be segmented by Team and User.

Make decisions with speed and confidence

CRM KPI DashboardsUsers can configure their own charts to help monitor individual performance and ensure targets and SLA’s are being achieved, Team charts can be displayed on external monitors using our full screen functionality while mangers and senior staff are able to configure charts relevant to the insight they require.  Staff and managers can easily identify how opportunities are progressing, burn rates, inactivity, successful conclusions, activity levels, conversion rates, pipeline progression, conversion likelihoods, expected close dates, values and much more.

This invaluable module, now with over 445 charts available, promotes a more proactive approach within the business, prioritising tasks which will help maximise sales, reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase customer service.

For more information on OrderWise KPI Dashboards and OrderWise CRM watch our videos or download the brochure.

Existing users can visit the OrderWise Shop.

To discuss your requirements in more detail contact us today on 01522 704083.

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