Introducing eBay & Amazon Strikethrough Pricing

Marketplace IntegrationWhen trading on competitive online marketplaces, it is important for businesses to find ways of making their products stand out from the crowd. With many sellers all offering the same or similar items, businesses often find that the key to successfully getting consumers to buy from them and not someone else is to get the right price. However in many cases having the best price is not simply enough on its own, as businesses can often still be sharing the privilege of the lowest price with multiple other sellers.

Therefore to draw in potential customers, many marketplaces traders will often employ the tactic of using strikethrough pricing. Strikethrough pricing is commonplace within pretty much all retail environments, where businesses will display both a “was” and “now” price in order to promote their special offers. This is a tried and tested method of encouraging buying behaviour as consumers can see the discount being offered and are therefore aware that they are getting a good deal on an item that was previously more expensive than what they will pay.

eBay and AmazonGain Complete Control Over Your eBay and Amazon Trading With OrderWise Marketplace Integration

Although proven to work, the problem for many online retailers looking to adopt this sales tactic on the likes of eBay and Amazon is that although the functionality is there to facilitate strikethrough pricing, managing and maintaining this takes a lot of time. Sellers not only have to go in to each account through which they are trading and set up the prices on their listings but they will also have to do this on a regular basis, as usually these special offer prices will only run for a short period of time to highlight the exclusivity of the deal and create a greater push for sales. With this being the case, often businesses are left with the choice of committing serious time to adopting this pricing method on their marketplace listings or potentially losing out on sales by not using it at all.

With OrderWise, businesses are already provided with the ability to easily manage eBay and Amazon listings across multiple seller accounts through our comprehensive listing tools, which enable businesses to benefit from a single piece of software that removes the need to login to individual accounts. From OrderWise, marketplace traders are able to manage all aspects of their trading through eBay and Amazon including one-time product creation, easy listing and relisting of items, automatic price updates, order imports, stock level synchronisation, despatch status updates, the transfer of key details to couriers, warehouse management and much, much more. You can find more information on our dedicated page HERE. Now a new feature introduced in version 11.4 of OrderWise has provided users with the functionality to set up and manage strikethrough pricing on both eBay and Amazon in a simple, streamlined manner.

price_increaseGet Your Products Standing Out From The Crowd With Strikethrough Pricing On Your eBay & Amazon Listings

The ability to use strikethrough pricing on listings has firstly been facilitated by a new pricing tab which has been added to both an item’s eBay and Amazon listing forms. Against this new tab, users simply enter their strikethrough price in the dedicated field, with the price entered being the special offer price that the customer will actually pay. The regular price for the item, taking into account any other active pricing structures within OrderWise, is then used as the RSP or “was” price. This previous price is then used to calculate the discount compared to the strikethrough price and this percentage saving is then displayed alongside the new strikethrough price on the listing. Users then also have the option to set a start and end date for their strikethrough price so they can automate the time period for when this price will be valid on each listing.

Thanks to this great new functionality, online traders using either or both OrderWise eBay & Amazon Listings are able to benefit from further flexibility and efficient everyday management of their product listings. What’s more by using this new strikethrough pricing tool to generate interest in their products, businesses can ensure that their marketplace sales are always fully maximised.

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