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OrderWise Sales ModuleYou would find it difficult to walk into almost any shop or visit any retail website without being confronted with that business’ latest offers and current promotions – buy one get one free, buy one get one half price, Buy 3 for £10, Get 25% off when you buy 3 and endless other possibilities. These multisaver discounts are a staple part of any competitive trading environment and although as consumers we associate them as retail offers, many of them originate from product manufacturers and are passed along the supply chain, through the distributor and on to the retailer.  Ensuring these offers are effectively managed is a problem all businesses and not just retailers can struggle with on a regular basis.

With many businesses nowadays trading across multiple online and more traditional sales channels or operating under a number of different brands, companies will often set up multiple discounts and offers to run simultaneously, targeting different areas of the market. Carefully managing these multiple offers can be a laborious, complex process, with promotions often being seasonal and therefore required to run over certain periods of time.

10780 - Multisaver Discount ScreenExtensive Price Management With OrderWise

In addition to this, these discounts will often include a wide range of products with consumers able to mix and match to achieve their preferred selection. With these offers running at different intervals, affecting numerous items and taking on several different formats, businesses can often find themselves having to manually adjust products and prices according to current promotions. Therefore to ensure running these promotions remains cost-effective and ultimately worthwhile with all factors carefully considered, businesses should have a substantial system in place to handle these multiple discounts productively, as well automating the process of bringing these in and out of effect.

OrderWise already offers extensive price management capabilities, with the ability to set up and assign customers to multiple price lists, create customer discount structures with discount calculation orders and much more. Now in Version 9.10 of OrderWise, 10780 - Mutlisaver Buy 1 Get 1 Option 1 Setup Formsignificant new functionality has been introduced to enable users to set up and manage popular multisaver discount offers for the first time. There are two types of multisaver discount available: Buy X get Y for Z and Get X for Y.

Buy X get Y for Z

Buy X get Y for Z is best summed up by using the common example of a buy one get one free offer.  However the broader basis of this method requires the product or products a customer has to buy and in what quantity to be set and then which products or products a user receives the discount on to be set.  Examples of the offers this could include are:-

  • Buy 1 Get 1 Free
  • Buy any 2 boxes of screws and get the 3rd for 1/2 price
  • Buy a washing machine & dishwasher and get installation for £10
  • Buy any 10 boxes from our latest product range and get a free point of sale display stand and poster set.
  • Buy any drill bit set and get £40 off any Dewalt Drill

These are just a few examples but help to quantify the flexibility of how this discount method can be used to meet a huge range of offers and requirements.  Users can set a start and end date against each offer created to ensure it is applied and removed automatically.

10780 - Mutlisaver Buy any 5 get £10 off Setup FormGet X for Y

A common example of a Get X for Y multisaver discount could be the classic supermarket offer of buy any 3 packs of meat for £10.  Users would simply determine the products or products a customer needs to buy, in what quantity and then the discount or price that would then be applied.  Examples of these offers are:-

  • Buy any 3 packs of meat for £10
  • Buy 10 boxes of latex gloves and get 15% off
  • Buy any 5 Snap-On hand tools and get £10 off

Users have the flexibility with both the Buy X Get Y for Z and Get X for Y multisaver discount method to specify the discount as a set price, discounted off price or discount percentage. Also because users have full control over item(s) required to qualify for the offer, the discount format and the start/end date for the promotion, customers can fully tailor this functionality to meet their own offers and requirements.

10780 - Multisaver Discount GroupsMultisaver Discount Groups

To further extend the flexibility of how these offers are used and applied, users create multisaver groups to which the multisaver discounts are added.  It may be that a company has both B2B & B2C sales with different offers for these customers, a Multisaver Group can be created for each distinct customer type with the discounts applicable to these added.  Only multisaver discounts using the same currency can be added to a multisaver group adding the flexibility to also have country/currency specific offers to meet local market margins and competition.  The customer is then assigned to the relevant multisaver group so that only the offers they qualify to take would be applied.

Simply and visibly applied within a Sales Order

With multisaver discounts in effect, when a sales order is being populated the discount will be automatically applied once the items being added to the sales order meet the requirements of an offer available to that customer.  Where a wide range of offers are available users can bring through the Mutlisaver narrative field to the sales order grid, this will provide information on the offer being applied against the relevant line(s).  In addition a new button within the Sales Order allows users to view all mutlisaver offers, this can help staff maximise sales, e.g. We have an offer at the moment on this item, if you buy an extra 3 boxes you will get 10% off.

With the introduction of this incredible new functionality, businesses using OrderWise are provided with a comprehensive, fully adaptable, automated offers and promotions management facility, enabling users to set up tailored multisaver discounts to apply to certain customers at certain times or indeed all their customers all of the time.

Existing customers can contact support if they wish for any assistance with setting up their multisaver discounts.

For more information on OrderWise including Sales Order Processing, you can download our brochures or watch our videos.

To discuss your requirements in more detail contact us today on 01522 704083.

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