Introducing The OrderWise 3PL Billing Module

3PL BillingEffectively managing stock, processing sales and spending the time to deliver excellent customer service can be a difficult balancing act for many businesses, however this possibly applies even more so for those companies handling third party logistics. This is because businesses controlling stock and fulfilling orders on behalf of their clients need to not only deliver quick turnaround and exceptional standards for their customers, but also the end consumer too. Additionally many businesses handling third party logistics will also have their own stock and orders to manage too, adding a further layer of complexity. This leads to many businesses rightfully being focussed on investing their resources into ensuring they deliver fast fulfilment and effective warehouse management for both them and their customers. However the problem is that for many, this often comes at the expense of maintaining accurate control over their billing.

When it comes to billing for third party logistics, every business will have their own method of handling this in place. Some will charge customers based on stock handling at an individual item level, others will simply have a general fee that they have agreed with customers and then there are those that will even have an element of both. However it is not just the method of billing customers that can greatly vary, but also the frequency at which different customers are invoiced or the time scales over which billing periods will run. With so many different variables to consider, the real struggle for many companies handling third party logistics becomes finding the right solution that is able to cater for their billing needs and also deliver the streamlined stock management they require.

PackingBring All Aspects Of Your Third Party Logistics
Operation Into One Centralised System

The end result is businesses are left to use multiple disconnected systems with no choice but to manually total up customer charges at the end of billing periods, which can often lead to mistakes being made and handling of items being inadvertently missed when calculations are compiled. Therefore without having a suitable system in place for recording stock processing, calculating charges on the back of this and invoicing customers, businesses offering third party logistics can find themselves suffering from frequent billing inaccuracies that ultimately result in lost revenue and dissatisfied customers.

Here at OrderWise, we action over 100 implementations of our software into warehouses across the world each and every year. This combined with the fact we have over two decades worth of experience in helping businesses of varying industries, types and sizes in managing their stock control means that our warehouse management credentials are simply unmatched. By combining technical knowledge, a powerful software solution and gathering an in-depth understanding of each client’s operations and aims, we are able to advise about on the ground working processes, physical setup and best practice in a way that no outside consultant can match. This warehouse management expertise is why we at OrderWise have been working with an increasing number of businesses handling Third Party Logistics in recent years, all of whom are looking for the all-in-one system to manage every aspect of their daily operations.

HHTAnglewithGS1Logos300pxThe Perfect Combination Of Effective Warehouse Management
& Accurate Customer Billing

Delivering this seamless solution for managing all aspects of third party fulfilment, version 11.5 of OrderWise sees the monumental introduction of a brand new Third Party Logistics Billing Module. This new suite of software completes the OrderWise 3PL solution, now enabling these businesses to reap all the benefits of OrderWise Stock Control, Warehouse Management and Mobile WMS Devices, along with new functionality that provides an accurate method of calculating customer charges based on various stock handlings.

Completely adaptable to meet the needs of the user, OrderWise Third Party Logistics Billing is the ideal suite of software for any businesses managing stock and fulfilling orders on behalf of their customers. With OrderWise Third Party Logistics, users are able to assign charges for receiving, put away, picking, packing, freezing, delivery, returns, storage and general handling of stock, with the facility also available to add custom charges for bespoke or one-off occasions.

However more importantly, businesses have the flexibility with OrderWise Third Party Logistics to determine whether their handling charges are calculated based on a fixed customer rate, per item quantity processed over a custom set billing period or indeed a combination of both. To calculate billing charges by a fixed customer rate, users simply enter their charges for each handling method (e.g. pick, receive, storage etc.) against their third party logistics customer records. Once calculated billing options have been set, users then simply set the customer’s billing frequency and final billing date, with a further option also available to merge all handling charges processed between billing periods into one single sum. The rates against the customers are then multiplied by the number of stock transactions in order to determine the cost over each billing period.

fast warehouse workingFully Configurable To Allow You To Choose How Each Customer Is Charged & How Frequently They’re Billed

As well as managing the billing for all forms of stock management, users can then also set storage charges for customers on a per bin basis. Alongside this there is also an additional field available to choose the minimum number of bins for which to charge that customer, which allows businesses to effectively manage any warehouse space reservations and associated customer costs. For deliveries, users are also given the adaptability to simply charge a flat rate based on the total delivery costs or also include a small percentage mark-up to ensure a profit on each delivery is made. Additionally if businesses are also ordering items in for their customers, the flexibility is there within OrderWise to set up 3PL Suppliers to which a specified 3PL customer and a Purchase Order charge can be assigned.

As mentioned previously, OrderWise 3PL Billing users also have the freedom to charge per item quantity handled during a customer billing period, with this method able to be easily set up against a variant record within OrderWise. Under the relevant tab, users state which 3PL customer the item belongs to, the rate of the charge, the item quantity on which that charge is based and also the rate for anything processed over that quantity.

Warehouse OrderingSimple Order Creation With Generate 3PL Orders Wizard

Once these calculated billing methods have been set up, shared information stored within the OrderWise database will then be used to automatically record how each customer’s stock is stored and handled over their specified billing period. Users can then use the new Generate 3PL Orders Wizard within the Sales module to quickly and easily generate orders for specific or all 3PL customers, with the option to choose whether to include partial or only completed billing periods.

Once selected, these orders will be generated against a 3PL Service variant and can then be edited or viewed within the new 3PL Order History section of the Sales Module. Depending on whether the merge all customer charges option is applied or not effects whether these orders will display one total cost for the customer charges and then a breakdown of the individual variant handling costs or simply a full breakdown of all the different charges. Once generated, these orders can then be invoiced as normal through the OrderWise Invoicing Module.

Warehouse happyOrderWise – The Complete Solution For Businesses Offering Third Party Logistics 

Thanks to the introduction of this comprehensive new functionality, businesses providing Third Party Logistics now have the perfect solution for managing their operations end-to-end, achieving effective management over their warehouse processes and accurate, automated handling of customer billing from within one single system. Through using OrderWise, 3PL Companies can ensure that stock is always efficiently managed, orders despatched in a timely fashion, customers charged correctly and the end consumer left satisfied.

As with any major new addition to the OrderWise solution, you can expect to see further developments and enhancements to the Third Party Billing Module introduced in future releases.

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