Seamless BI Integration Puts Credit Reports At Your Fingertips

Business IntelligenceBusiness reporting is absolutely essential for any business, providing companies with an insight into both the positive and negative aspects of their operations, which ultimately leads to key decisions being made.

When reviewing and reporting on business activity, judgments can be quickly made as to the reasons for certain things occurring, for example a drop in sales to a particular customer. However in reality there can be a range of internal and external factors that affect sales activity. Without the full picture behind the drop in sales, wrong conclusions can often be drawn. It could be that sales staff are not maximising opportunities or it could be that the particular customer has financial issues limiting their ability to purchase.

business int 2 350pixTherefore, having access to reliable and accurate internal and external data is vital for companies to be able to make informed business decisions. However, not having easy access to financial information about trade partners can mean that informed and confident decision making is a more complicated process. Gathering the relevant data can be time consuming and means productivity is not being maximised. Having the full picture easily to hand helps to ensure that correct decisions are made and helps companies avoid the pitfalls of approaching the wrong customers at the wrong time.

Here at OrderWise we understand the importance of having key information at your fingertips, that’s why we have a number of modules solely dedicated to giving companies clear visibility of their performance across the entire scope of their business. From standard and custom-built reports to KPI charts and in-depth Business Intelligence, OrderWise provides a suite of analytical functionality that ensures any business using our software has clear insight to inform decision making.

Make Intelligent Decisions With BI & Creditsafe Integration

Creditsafe Logo 300pxCreditsafe already provides businesses with access to key company credit and financial information, and last month saw new OrderWise functionality that allows users to seamlessly integrate with Creditsafe. This recently added feature means that OrderWise customers who have the Creditsafe integration as part of their licence can now access Creditsafe reports from within the OrderWise system. In order to ensure up-to-date information is always available, the Creditsafe reports can be regularly refreshed through the scheduled service task feature.

Building upon last month’s addition of new integration with Creditsafe, this month sees enhancements to the valuable feature which make access to crucial data even easier when using OrderWise Business Intelligence.

Credit Report a 350pxThis greater accessibility is provided through credit reports now also being viewable from within Business Intelligence customer grids. Furthermore, overviews of any CCJs are shown, together with information regarding a company’s net worth and group structure being clearly viewable. In addition, a new colour coded column provides clear visibility of percentage differences from previous years, with increases showing in green and decreases in red.

The new features will enhance the use of the OrderWise Creditsafe integration meaning that key data is even more accessible and important business decision making and reporting is further aided. Reporting from data provided by OrderWise Business intelligence will become an even smoother and more accurate process.

Existing users can contact the client services team for more information about OrderWise Business Intelligence and OrderWise Creditsafe Integration.

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