More Integrated Handling Of Amazon Order Part Shipments

eCommerce thumbIt is important for businesses that trade through Amazon to offer their customers the same level of service that they would expect to receive if Amazon themselves were fulfilling the order. Anyone who has ordered from Amazon before will know that when ordering multiple items, customers have the option to receive goods in as few deliveries as possible or as and when goods are ready to be sent, often as a way of reducing delivery charges. By offering the same flexibility, businesses trading through Amazon are able to maximise sales opportunities by appealing to customers who want to receive goods as soon as they’re available.

13598 - Amazon Part DespatchWith the user possessing the relevant plugin capability, a new setting in version 10.2 of OrderWise against Amazon in the setup of an eCommerce session now allows part shipments to be exported.  Although part shipping orders is already possible with Amazon Integration, OrderWise would wait until the full order had been shipped before exporting back to Amazon and marking the order as complete.  With the correct plugin this will check the new setting to see if part shipments need to be exported rather than when orders are fully completed. This will result in each delivery being exported to Amazon once the delivery is made to complete the order, with the order then being marked as exported. Lines are then marked as shipped in Amazon and only at the point the order is complete is the order then marked as complete in Amazon.

Not only does this feature enable users to provide their Amazon customers with more options for when goods are despatched and keep them accurately informed regarding the status of their orders, but also offers greater flexibility and ease of use when refunding orders on Amazon. By sending part shipments to Amazon, should any remaining items not be possible to fulfil then users can simply refund the unshipped items in Amazon, cancel the lines in OrderWise and then complete the order.

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