At-A-Glance Insight Into Customer Turnover

Business IntelligencethumbAny business will tell you that it is vital to company performance that the spending habits of customers are always carefully and regularly monitored. Too often businesses will lose out to their competitors by not maximising sales opportunities through cross selling linked items, or by simply not keeping track of what their customers are or are not buying. If these problems are ignored for too long, businesses will soon begin to see a month on month decline in company sales that can cause targets to be missed and performance to drop below that of previous years.

However even when the need to analyse key business data has been identified, although some businesses will have the ability to take the time to gather this data and analyse this information in great detail, others will require more immediate interpretation of this data. By being able to easily view and quickly identify trends in customer spending, businesses can ensure that any issues in company performance are quickly corrected through the appropriate actions being taken.

reportsIntroducing Dynamic Customer Turnover Charts

The OrderWise Business Intelligence module launched in late 2014 already provides businesses with a method of drilling down into their business data, identifying issues early and plugging the source of any leakage in order to unlock more sales and improve performance as a result. With a wide range of grids available businesses can analyse their data from any angle, including a number of new grids added last month to gain insight into what customers are buying and not buying, a feature which you can read about HERE.

Adding another fantastic new enhancement to Business Intelligence this month in version 10.4 of OrderWise, users are now provided with brand new customer turnover charts for at-a-glance insight into their customers’ spending habits. Controlled by a user group setting, permitted users will see these charts appear at the foot of all customer grids within business intelligence. These charts will simply display customer turnover for each month in the current financial year with a comparison to what was achieved in each month during the previous financial year, as well as performance against any monthly targets set against the customer. There are also further options to add previous and current financial year trend lines simply by activating the relevant user group settings.

14014 - BI Turnover ChartFilter The Values That Are Displayed 

These customer turnover charts are also affected by grid filters, for example if the values shown in the grid are filtered by product category, the customer turnover chart will display values for that category. Additionally, businesses are provided with the power to drill down into products, variants, categories and contacts from their customer grids. By drilling down and analysing these charts on the following screens, businesses can quickly interpret their customer data and discover the reasons behind customer turnover over or under performing, allowing any problems in performance to be swiftly actioned upon and rectified.

With the addition of these new customer turnover charts, users can benefit from a clear, easy-to-interpret representation of their held data on customer spending displayed within all business intelligence grids. By using these charts and drill down functionality, companies using OrderWise Business Intelligence can very quickly determine why under-performing areas are not meeting expectations, allowing any noticeable leakage to be plugged early on to help drive better company performance.

Looking for more charts for Business Intelligence? The OrderWise KPI Dashboards module makes the perfect partner for business Intelligence, providing additional key statistics in a variety of chart formats for further at-a-glance interpretation, ideal for early identifications of trends requiring further investigation.

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