Even More Information Available With Our Detailed Audit Trail

Stock thumbLast month at OrderWise, we introduced a fantastic new detailed audit trail, a feature that enables every edit, change, update and addition to both sales and purchase orders to be recorded for enhanced visibility and traceability. With this great new enhancement to our existing audit trail functionality, companies using OrderWise have been able to benefit from greater flexibility to achieve the level of detail and auditability that they require. To read about this highly useful functionality, you can read the blog HERE.

Although the level of auditability a company will require is very much dependent on any procedures or regulations that need to be adhered to, it is standard for most companies that any changes or edits to key financial information are accurately recorded and available for auditing. To be able to trace two areas in particular that most companies will need to be able to carefully audit, in version 10.3 of OrderWise our development team have made even more information available to record and view within the detailed audit trail.

magnifying2Currencies & Tax Rates

In version 10.3 of OrderWise, any updates made to currencies in the system will now be recorded in the Audit Trail Detail. By default the description, exchange rate, code, symbol and accounts code are set to be audited, with further options available to be selected for auditing within the Data Dictionary. In addition to currencies, any updates made to tax rates will also be recorded in the Audit Trail Detail grid. By default the tax rate, tax code and tax description are set to be audited, however again it is possible to audit other fields by selecting them within the Data Dictionary.

With this extension to our detailed audit trail functionality, businesses can further benefit from easy access and greater visibility of an even wider variety of auditable financial information. By having this detailed trail available, businesses can ensure every change within OrderWise is always carefully recorded and easy to trace back to the person responsible.

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