Greater Customer Credit Control With Increased Transactional Visibility

AccountsCustomer credit control is a crucial aspect of running a business, but can be made more difficult if financial information is not readily viewable in a user-friendly fashion. Having multiple customers with varying outstanding or overdue balances means that clearly visible information is a must in order to ensure accurate cash flow planning, forecasting and timely customer communications. What’s more, viewing this information from different screens, or even from different systems, can be both time consuming and a real headache.

OrderWise Accounts already packs in more relevant functionality than many popular Accounts systems without adding layers of complexity, including extensive features to accurately control customer credit limits and outstanding balances. Now version 11.10 of OrderWise sees a new ‘Transactions by Period’ grid added which provides a complete breakdown of a selected customer’s transactions into individual ageing periods.

Accounts analysisAs well as providing a quick and easy method of viewing transactions across particular periods, users can also make use of the multiple options available to filter the information shown in the grid. By choosing whether the grid shows only overdue, older, outstanding or indeed all of these transactions, these filters provide flexibility and greater customisation of the way key financial information is viewed. This allows for a more focused approach to customer account management and allows OrderWise Accounts users to be sure that the information is there to suit their purpose.

Thanks to this new OrderWise Accounts addition, businesses can ensure that all outstanding and overdue amounts are dealt with efficiently and ensure that their cash flow is accurately maintained. Together with the added reassurance of HMRC approval and ICAEW accreditation, businesses can be confident in using the comprehensive OrderWise Accounts module to ensure their accounts are managed in a simple and tightly controlled manner.

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