Increase Productivity With Live Stock Movements

Mobile WMS DevicesIn busy warehouse environments where large volumes of orders are being turned around each day, keeping track of stock allocations and ensuring staff are kept updated with this information can be difficult. With stock moving around the warehouse so quickly for some businesses, often situations can arise where available stock is not updated fast enough so that staff picking and those performing other warehouse activities such as stock movements often overlap. This could mean that staff being told to move stock have collected the items or pallets they have been instructed to move, only to then be told that the stock has already been allocated to a pick.

The result of this is that staff then have to return the stock to where they originally pulled it and pickers cannot pick the items they need or are required to travel further to collect these items ready for despatch. If this issue isn’t addressed businesses can find despatch bottlenecks occurring, which also subsequently causes customer service and warehouse productivity levels to fall. Therefore for businesses operating fast warehouse operations and finding themselves encountering this problem on a regular basis, the solution needs to be investing in the good Wi-Fi coverage required in order to create a live warehouse environment.

Worker on HHT2Avoid Moving Items Allocated To Picks With Live OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices Updates

By using OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, businesses are already provided with the tools needed to ensure that warehouse data is constantly being updated through the ability of being able to sync information back to the main OrderWise system upon pick or stock movement completion. However Version 11.5 of OrderWise sees a highly beneficial new enhancement added to the Mobile Stock Movements to enable users with the sufficient Wi-Fi coverage in their warehouse to make this module live.

Once activated through the relevant security setting, staff performing stock movements will be able to accurately see whether the goods they are going to move are available. The user will be able to scan the bin, the item and enter the quantity they are looking to move, completing the pull stage which will cause OrderWise to then perform a validity check in the background for this movement. Once the validity of the pull has been checked, OrderWise will display on the Mobile WMS Device to the user whether the items they have pulled are actually available.

Thanks to this new enhancement, OrderWise users can now benefit from being able to have their stock movements validated in real-time. This allows businesses operating fast-moving warehouses to always ensure that staff are only ever moving stock that hasn’t already been allocated to pick, preventing slow despatch times and keeping productivity at a maximum.

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