Increase Your Sales By Offering A Better Customer Service Experience

social-media-people2In a world dominated by social media, it can be pretty easy for companies to quickly garner a reputation for providing an unsatisfactory customer service experience. Websites like Twitter and Facebook have given unhappy customers an unrestricted platform from which they are able to vent their frustrations and shame the businesses responsible. With companies no longer able to hide their disserting customers from the view of the public, it is more imperative than ever for them to ensure high customer service levels are continuously achieved. However while this is the case, a new study this month has revealed that many businesses are in fact failing in their efforts to provide good customer service.

Independent complaints mediation service Ombudsman Services found in their annual Consumer Action Monitor that in fact 18.5 million complaints were made about retail in the last 12 months. These complaints were either made to the supplier, shared online or escalated to a third party, with the complaints falling evenly between online-only retailers and those with shops. However although retail was the most complained about sector with 28% of the total, 66 million complaints were made overall which almost doubles the previous year’s figure. What these astounding figures clearly show is that consumers are more likely than ever before to take action against companies that let them down.

Market-Competition1However while providing poor customer service and subsequent complaints obviously have a negative effect on a company’s brand image, what many businesses can fail to realise is the significance of good service in the mission to stay ahead of competitors. In fact, a customer is four times more likely to buy from a competitor if the problem is service related. In addition, 89% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service. However the most telling statistic of all is that although many companies would be led to believe that having the best price is the key to beating competitors, 76% of consumers would in fact pay over 5% more for a better customer service experience, with a further 10% willing to pay up to a whopping 25% more for the best service.

So while the benefits and importance of providing excellent customer service is clear, what exactly can companies do to prevent customers from being disappointed?

OrderWise WMS Device 2Luckily, OrderWise has the answer. With OrderWise, businesses are presented with a multi-channel stock management software that enables end to end control over all daily processes, accurate order processing, efficient despatch operations and effective warehouse management to all be achieved.

By offering a fully integrated solution with links to popular web shops, marketplaces, account systems and couriers, the need to manually transpose information is removed with vital details automatically transferred to the relevant people. With methods of also putting extensive checks in place for manually raised orders and orders imported from online channels, as well cutting edge barcode scanning functionality with OrderWise WMS Devices, businesses using OrderWise can ensure errors are kept to a minimum. By offering customers prompt, accurate fulfilment of their orders, businesses using OrderWise can provide a first class sales experience that keeps customers coming back again and again.

Another key aspect of obtaining customer loyalty is providing an easy returns process. In fact, statistics show that 95% of customers will go back to an online merchant and make additional purchases after a positive return or exchange experience. With the OrderWise Returns module, companies are able to gain structured management over customer returns, ensuring costs are minimised and all desired customer actions such as replacements, refunds and repairs are handled in an accurate and streamlined manner. Tailored to meet the requirements of the business, this module gives businesses the flexibility to meet customer returns expectations no matter the scenario, ensuring high customer service levels are maintained.

CustomerService2However here at OrderWise we don’t just provide the software to enable excellent customer service, we provide it ourselves too. We understand the importance of great customer service, that’s why every OrderWise solution we supply includes three days software training, go live assistance and six months support and upgrades, ensuring that our customers don’t have to bear the burden of implementing a new software system alone. You don’t have to take our word for it though, you can read what some of our customers have said in our case studies and testimonials HERE or see the feedback we have received for our support HERE.

By using OrderWise, businesses can not only ensure their customers are provided with the best service possible but also guarantee they receive the same treatment from their software supplier too. By having the right customer service strategy, an effective returns process and considered execution of each of these thanks to the functionality available within OrderWise, businesses are able to carefully avoid common errors that result in unhappy customers and instead provide the kind of exceptional service that will always leave customers fully satisfied.

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