Increase Your Amazon Sales With Our New Courier Integration

Courier IntegrationWhen it comes to trading on Amazon, experts will tell you that getting into and staying in the famed Buy Box is a key way to obtain success. The Amazon Buy Box is the place on a product detail page where a customer goes to start the purchase process by adding an item or items to their shopping basket, with possession of this box openly available to both marketplace traders as well as Amazon themselves. Getting into this box is proven to increase sales for marketplace traders and when it comes to deciding which retailer gains this crucial Buy Box position, Amazon have their own performance criteria that they use.

Although this criteria is made up of a number contributing factors, it has recently been found that some carry more weight than others, with the most competitive price one of the elements having a big influence. You can read more on this, how the Buy Box works and the benefits of using repricing tools HERE.

sellerfulfilledprime350pxHowever another major contributor to a seller’s chances of getting into the Amazon Buy Box is whether or not they use Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) or those that have a SFP (Seller-Fulfilled Prime) certification for their deliveries. These are Amazon’s preferred delivery services, with the former being Amazon’s own fulfilment programme that sellers can use for delivering their own orders. The latter is then any merchant that has earned an official Prime badge from Amazon by demonstrating the ability to ship orders to the highest level of performance.

When it comes to deciding which seller will be awarded the Buy Box for a particular product, the first thing Amazon will look for are traders using Amazon FBA or SFP for their deliveries. Therefore if an Amazon seller is indeed using one of these shipping methods for their deliveries, they can benefit from having their listings heavily promoted by Amazon and only be prevented from obtaining the Buy Box by a substantial price difference. However although using these fulfilment methods clearly offers users a competitive edge with their Amazon trading, businesses should still ensure information is speedily transferred over to Amazon or their SFP merchants if they are to fully maximise on the opportunities presented by being in the Buy Box more frequently.

With OrderWise, businesses are already presented with a comprehensive suite of functionality to successfully manage all aspects of their Amazon Trading on a daily basis. This includes amongst other features the ability to set up and create listings across multiple Amazon marketplaces in multiple currencies with ease. Also available is a number of beneficial features businesses can use to help their chances of getting in the Buy Box, including an automated re-pricing tool and functionality to easily handle the processing of orders through Amazon FBA. You can read more HERE.

Amazon-Seller-Fulfilled-Prime350pxAmazon Seller Fulfilled Prime Courier Integration Arrives Into OrderWise

Now this month, an exciting new Courier Integration has been added in version 11.8 of OrderWise that facilitates integration to the Amazon Merchant Fulfilment network. This is a direct courier integration so the labels will be produced on despatch of the sales order within OrderWise, with shipping information then accurately exported over to Amazon for fulfilment. With the addition of this Amazon Merchant Fulfilment network integration, the list of existing courier integrations with OrderWise has been further extended, with 75 individual definitions to over 30 different courier providers in total now available. You can read more on our available courier integrations HERE.

Thanks to this great new feature, businesses using OrderWise to manage their selling on Amazon can now benefit from even greater functionality to help streamline their product management, maximise their sales and quickly fulfil their orders. By using the OrderWise Amazon Integration Suite alongside this new Amazon Merchant courier integration, users can help themselves to not only get into the Buy Box, but also stay there too.

For more information on OrderWise Amazon Integration, Product Listings or this new Merchant Fulfilment Courier Integration, existing users can contact the client services team.

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