Improve Service Levels With Back To Back Purchase Order Buffering

OrderWise Purchasing ModuleBack to back ordering is common practice for many businesses, particularly those trading in custom, bespoke and low volume high value items. However businesses often forget to allow sufficient time between the goods being received from suppliers and then subsequently despatched to the customer. Back to back purchase orders will be raised either automatically or manually with the same required date as the sales order, allowing little or no time for necessary quality control tests or delivery timescales to the customer.

If stock in buffering time is not taken into account, pressure ends up being placed on warehouse staff to quickly perform the required checks before rapidly sending the items back out again in order to reach the customer in time. This creates a double edged sword where, whether the items pass the checks or not, businesses risk late deliveries to customers. In addition to this, if the items do turn out to be faulty, informing the customer of a delay in despatch on the day they expect to receive the order is poor service. However companies will not want their staff spending their time manually updating purchase order required dates so, to avoid letting down customers and losing sales, businesses should ensure their back to back ordering process is as structured as possible.

11185 - Back to Back PO buffer system settingAlways Meet Customer Required Dates With OrderWise

OrderWise already provides extensive back to back ordering functionality and now a new feature introduced in version 9.7 allows users to set a buffer time to apply to back to back purchase orders.  To activate this feature, users can simply enter the required number of days buffering time under the back to back sales system setting labelled purchase order stock in buffer. This will then set the required date on all back to back purchase orders to the set amount of days prior to the relevant sales order required date. Holidays and weekends are automatically taken into account and by default the buffer time will be set to zero.

With this new functionality OrderWise users can further improve their customer service levels when offering back to back orders, ensuring adequate time is afforded to item checks before promptly delivering goods to their customer on or prior to the date they require them.

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