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Mobile WMS DevicesthumbBusinesses are constantly looking at ways to improve the productivity of warehouse operations, implementing measures to ensure stock is always picked, put away, counted and moved in the most efficient and accurate way possible. However for businesses operating a large-sized warehouse, multiple warehouses or warehouses spread across multiple different floors, there’s only so fast staff can travel between bins and stock locations to perform tasks. Therefore in order to fully maximise warehouse productivity and turn orders around quickly, companies need to make sure staff are working and moving between required stock locations as quickly as they possible can.

Although there are methods to help staff achieve optimum travel times between locations, with so many different factors affecting the speed at which tasks are performed when staff arrive at their required destination, it can difficult for businesses to determine accurate task performance data. With staff collecting varying quantities, weights and volumes of stock, businesses will usually just settle for warehouse managers or supervisors monitoring the time staff take to complete tasks and make judgement calls as to whether their speed of working is up to standard. However thanks to a new enhancement added in version 10.5 of OrderWise, our Mobile WMS Device users can now benefit from using the picking gather timer as a method of motivating staff to perform tasks faster.

Mobile WMS Countdown Red Mobile WMS Countdown AmberMonitor Performance & Maximise Warehouse Productivity

First introduced last September, functionality already available on OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices allows businesses to easily monitor the performance of pickers as they travel between zones and carry out their everyday activities. Businesses can set up efficient walk routes for travelling between picking zones, set different target times for different picking methods and display a colour-changing average time countdown to staff travelling between bins. You can read about this HERE.

One of the key parts of this picker performance monitoring is the ability to gather staff performance statistics with regards to the time taken for a member of staff to complete a task. Previously these performance statistics were gathered in the background as pickers completed their activities, with this information then available for permitted users to review within the zones performance record, filtering the results by date range, user, move method, context and more.

RP1200_Gather TimerIncrease Stock Gathering Efficiency With New Timer

Now, businesses have the flexibility to either continue to run the picking gather timer in the background or display this to staff when they are picking orders on Mobile WMS Devices. If activated, a mobile device user will see on their device the amount of time it takes to gather the required stock and move on. This timer will begin once the user has scanned a bin and will display after three seconds. Users can then simply tap the timer to hide it temporarily so the information behind it can be viewed. Then once the picker has completed their current pick, the timer will end.

Thanks to this new enhancement, OrderWise users can now stimulate staff to work more hastily by using this timer to create a sense of urgency without specifying an unrealistic target time. By using picker performance monitoring, average zone travel time countdowns and the picking gather timer, OrderWise Mobile WMS Device users can benefit from a highly productive warehouse operation that ensures maximum accuracy and efficiency is consistently achieved.

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