Improve The Value Of Your Sales Orders With Automatic Up-Sell Reminders

SalesWhen it comes to maximising profitability, businesses will tell you that up-selling and cross-selling are two great ways to help increase revenue. By encouraging staff to promote higher margin alternatives or increase the value of an order by recommending linked items, businesses are able to ensure that sales opportunities are fully capitalised and the financial rewards from achieving this are also well received. However although most businesses already actively encourage staff to up and cross sell in order to drive profitability, putting this into action can be a bit more difficult.

This is because in busy trading environments, staff can often get distracted from their mission to maximise sales as their main focus is on simply processing the orders as quickly as possible. While concentrating on this isn’t wrong, it does mean that crucial opportunities to increase profitability can end up being missed. If no action is taken and missed sales openings continue to occur on a regular basis, this can end up having a massive impact on a company’s bottom line come the end of their financial year. Therefore to counteract this and keep staff on track, businesses should ensure that sales staff are actively reminded to promote higher value orders and items with greater margins without compromising the speed of their order processing.

PaymentMaximise Sales Profitability With Suggested Items Pop-Up

With OrderWise, users are already presented with the ability to quickly and easily view Alternative, Suggested and Previously Sold Items when raising a customer order through easy-to-navigate tabs. However now a fantastic new enhancement has been added in version 11.8 of OrderWise that enables Suggested Items to automatically pop up on screen whenever a new line is added to a sales order. With the relevant setting activated, when a line is added to a sales order and the selected variant has suggested items attached, a new form will pop up showing these suggested items. Staff will then be able to either simply double click to add a suggested item to the order or type in the quantities they require and click to return multiple items to the order instead.

Thanks to this great new enhancement, businesses are able to take a more pro-active approach when encouraging staff to maximise the profitability of each sales opportunity with which they are presented. By reminding staff of the suggested items available to each line without affecting the speed at which orders are processed, OrderWise users can ensure that up and cross-selling become second nature to their sales team, having positive financial effects as a result.

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