Report & Improve Stock Accuracy as Part of Replenishment Tasks

Stock Replenishment thumbKeeping on top of reported discrepancies and making relevant adjustments in a timely fashion is vital to ensure warehouse efficiency is maintained. Although stock control measures such as stock takes help to identify and rectify discrepancies they are not something that would be performed with enough regularity to ensure stock information is maintained day to day. Often it is warehouse staff that are best placed to identify and report any stock discrepancies during the course of their daily activities.

OrderWise already has functionality to create and manage Discrepancy reasons that then become available to staff to record against using our Mobile Warehouse Management Devices.  Created and configured in system, users create discrepancy reasons and state whether they apply to picking, packing, checking or indeed all three. Then should a member of staff reach the bin they have been directed to and are unable to pick the stock required, they can skip past this on the Mobile WMS Device to the next bin with available stock and are prompted from there to choose from the reasons available and record why they have skipped. This may be due to stock being damaged, out of reach or any reason that has been set up within the system. Once logged these discrepancies are sent back to the main system for a manager or supervisor to review, make any adjustments needed and confirm they have been processed. This structured method makes logging discrepancies and following them up both simple and efficient, ensuring issues are continuously identified and resolved to maintain excellent stock accuracy and improve picking efficiency.

11525 - Replen DiscrepancyEffective Management of Stock Discrepancies With OrderWise

Now an enhancement to this functionality has been added to allow users to state whether a discrepancy reason also applies to a replenishment or create reasons unique to replenishment activities if required.  Users performing replenishment tasks via the Mobile WMS Devices will then be able to log discrepancy reasons just as they can with picking.  These will then be available for review within Despatch discrepancies within the Despatch module alongside any others recorded for complete visibility and control of stock accuracy and picking issues.

With the addition of this new feature, businesses using OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices can easily ensure bin discrepancies found when carrying out daily warehouse activities including replenishments are effectively logged, allowing a warehouse manager or supervisor to verify and action later without impacting efficiency.

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