Improve Speed & Accuracy With Extra Goods In Functionality

goods inWhen handling certain items, particularly material goods, it can often be a case where these arrive from suppliers weighing more or less than expected. It may be that early estimates may be slightly out or simply goods have been slightly over or under received from suppliers. When this is the case, companies will want to ensure staff accurately record the correct weight for that particular batch at the point of goods receipt. In such circumstances companies will want to log this information and, if it is necessary, allocate the goods to a different storage bin in case any bin weight restrictions are suddenly affected.

Without the ability to achieve this when booking the stock in, staff will have no choice but to manually update records and purchase orders. This not only takes up additional staff time but also negates the benefits of a swift goods in process. Therefore, efficient and accurate goods receipt is a task every business that handles stock needs to manage effectively.

Weighing Goods 350pxSave Time By Updating An Item’s Weight and Default Bin Location from the Stock-In Form

OrderWise already provides a range of functionality to simplify and streamline the process of goods receipt whilst increasing accuracy and limiting stock errors that can lead to increased purchasing and unfulfilled customer orders.

Now extending this functionality, this month’s OrderWise release sees further time-saving functionality added to the OrderWise Goods In module to add greater flexibility on what information can be recorded at the point of goods receipt. When enabled, the relevant new settings allow warehouse staff to update an item’s weight and/or the default bin number from the ‘stock in’ form. Not only that, but this information on the related purchase or transfer orders that have not yet been received will also be updated, automating the process and eliminating any manual interaction.

With this new functionality, companies are provided with the ability to further streamline and speed up goods in operations by allowing warehouse staff more flexibility and control over key aspects of stock management.

More information on the OrderWise Goods In module can be viewed HERE and you can call 01522 704083 to discuss your requirements in more detail.