Import Direct eCommerce Orders As Paused

OrderWise eCommerce IntegrationFor many companies, it can be hugely beneficial to raise a purchase order on the back of sales order demand so that goods can be forwarded on to customers directly from their suppliers. By ordering in this manner, processes become streamlined, administration is reduced, purchase orders are quickly raised and fulfilment speeds and accuracy are maximised.

However when direct orders are placed for high value or bespoke goods, additional payment checks on orders should be made and product specifications reviewed. This way businesses are able to avoid errors and additional costs by simply evaluating direct orders before committing to placing them with their suppliers.

Within OrderWise, a direct order will be triggered by either the item ordered or the customer ordering the item. In these situations where direct supply is generated through raising a manual sales order, a staff member is involved in the process and can therefore review all order information before the subsequent purchase order is raised. However this is not the case for direct orders downloaded from online channels via the eCommerce module.

11156 - eCom Session SettingsReview Online Direct Orders Before Processing Them

OrderWise recognised this need to review direct orders placed online, therefore in version 9.7 a new feature has been added to allow users to bring direct orders in as paused. To activate this feature, users can simply enter the relevant eCommerce session form and select the import setup tab. There they will find an advanced setting labelled import orders with direct lines as paused. Once enabled, any imported order line which contains items marked as direct will result in that sales order being imported as paused.

Earlier this year, similar functionality was also introduced to enable back to back eCommerce orders to be brought in as paused. You can read the blog on that HERE.

With this new eCommerce session setting OrderWise users can benefit from added control when importing direct orders, allowing all requirements to be fully checked before the order is fully processed.

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